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Hubbies test results, dated 07/12/2004


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There is a 4.0x3.8 cm diameter lymph node located between the superior

vena cava and trachea that measured only 10x12 mm in diameter on the

previous CT scan. This lymph node has quadrupled in size since the last scan and could impinge on the superior vena cava restricting the return flow of blood from the upper half of the body, as well as compressing the trachea increasing breathing difficulty.

There are multiple new lymph nodes in the anterior mediastinum

(Anterior mediastinum is the area in the center of the chest, between the

lungs that contains heart and large blood vessels entering and leaving

the heart, trachea, esophagus and several lymph nodes). This mass is surrounding and decreasing the blood flow to the left lung as well as the blood flow returning to the heart from the left lung. Furthermore it is "clogging' the main airway supplying the left lung (left mainstem bronchus). This essentially means the right lung is doing most, if not all of the breathing.

There is a tiny pericardial effusion that is new. This means the sac which contains the heart and usually contains only a few drops of fluid has filled up with fluid. When severe enough this can limit the ability of the heart to expand properly.

There is a new mass in the left upper lung lobe

There is volume loss in the left lung and there are patchy

reticulondular opacities throughout the left lung that appear

essentially unchanged and remain suspicious for lympgangitic tumor

spread within the lung. The left lung can't hold as much air as is used to. The opacities means the cancer cells are traveling through the lymphatic sytem forming densities in addition to distince masses. This was already known based on the bulky mediastinal lymph nodes.

There is a metastasis to the rib that has eroded the rib causing a blood clot to form adjacent to the sac the lung is in. Rib # 6 is broken, metastasis in rib #4.

There is tumor metastases in the pelvic bones which are destructive and increasing in size.

pre-existing tumor nodules in the liver have doubled in size and new nodules have appeared.

There is small, approximately 1.5x1.3 cm diameter enhancing mass in the

left adrenal gland that is new and suspicious of metastasis lesion. The

right adrenal gland remains within normal limits. By enhancing they mean it takes up contrast dye which indicates increased blood flow, and likely indicates a tumor metastasis.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Renee, My prayers go out to you and your husband. May God guide the physician. May He hold you both in his hands so that you know comfort.


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