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Whew.. rough morning ..


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for our board. I know I have not been here long, but I find myself thinking of you all , all the time and praying for relief from this dreadful disease. I just wanted to say my heart is aching for our departed loved ones families, and sending my love to all of you.

We are going to Bob and Jo's this afternoon, and I feel like I want to treasure our moments today. Its days like this that help me to remember how precious people are in our lives and how little anything else matters.

God Bless all of you and may you have a good day today.



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Thank You Nell. You all have a good day with your friends and do treasure every minute. No one guarentees any of us (cancer or not) the next minute. This is why I have taught my kids to live by the Golden Rule, hence never have any regrets.

God Bless You All,


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It is a rough day here. And Jane you are right there are no guarantees. The brother of a dear dear friend was buried this morning he was 45 years old and he died in his sleep they have not been able to determine the cause of death but they are pretty sure it was an anyeurism (sp?).

So like Nell lets all treasure this day, whatever we do.

Thinking of the families of our departed friends and asking the Lord to send them strength.


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Yes Nell it has been a very rough day for all of us here. I have been having a contoversy with a very dear friend. She feels that because her dad has lost many of his worldly possesions that he has lost everything. I just sent her a message a few minutes ago saying that when a person dies the only thing they can take with them is love. I told her that if a person dies without love then they have lost everything. If they die with love they die wealthy. Today we have witnessed three very wealthy people leave this world for one that is much better. The wealth of love that they found here will only be increased.

I have spent most of this day in tears knowing that there is so much sorrow here. My heart goes out to all of the families that have been left with a hole in them but I also see the love that they shared and that fills my heart with joy. God bless everyone here. I wish us all peace and above all I wish us love. Lillian

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