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Warning: Emotional I miss our friends


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I don’t even know how to express my feelings—let alone what forum to post them in (or if I should post them at all!).

I sat here today trying to figure out how I could compose a note to TBone's family with eyes filled with tears; it just hurt so much--and I felt so stupid because although he helped me so much--I never even met him. How could my body be racked with sobs?!?!?

I went searching for some of the wisdom that fills this board, and came across a thread started by KatieB on April 17, 2004: “Grief over those we lost here”.

Many sage—and honest words—on that thread helped, but it was a posting by Mo_Sugar that provided me with the salve I was seeking most.

I hope she would have given me permission to reprint it here, as I am sure I am not alone in my grief at the moment.

On April 21, 2004 she wrote:

The sadness of our losses will be with us always but just think of the love we have shared with people we NEVER would have met if not for this site! People we probably have never talked to, wouldn't know if we tripped over them in the street (cept Snowflake and Ry, the are the ones with the TP rolls). I am just truly amazed that God saw fit to throw a group of people together such as we are and make a "Family" out of them! In todays world where most of us don't even know our neighbors, we have caring and compassion for people all over the country (world) who we will never meet. Amazing! Thank you Katie,Rick and all the pioneers! God Bless you!


Thank you, Mo—for giving me words I needed. You help me even now.

I miss you.


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I share the grief that you are feeling. I haven't posted much this past week because I was afraid that everything I posted would be "gloomy". It seems that our dear, sweet Mo not only helped us while she was here on earth, but she is helping from Heaven. Amazing! Thank you, Melinda and thank you Mo. Mo, I miss you and so many others who are with you now.


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Wow, there is so much truth here.

I have been thinking the last few weeks about writing a post about who we have become. We really are a 'family'. A family sharing much sadness, occasional joy, a little laughter but a bond so strong it can't be broken.

We cry for and with each other, we cheer each other on, we share information we hope will be useful for someone here.

I know what some of you look like, what some of your pets and back yards look like, I have spoken to a few on the phone but I don't know if you are short or tall, how your eyes twinkle when you laugh, if you have good table manners, etc. etc.

But I do know that I care deeply about so many of you. That I need you in my life right now and I hope I am a help to you on your journey. I wish we had met on another site, maybe the 'Great Quilt Collectors' message board, but unfortunately I don't think we would have become this 'family'.

Random thoughts from an overly sentimental 'middle aged' (don't I wish)


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This board and the family that we've garnered here have been like a magnet throughout the past seven months during Terry's illness. And I find myself this week eagerly awaiting getting home and on the computer to "talk" to y'all. You've been such support.

Now this afternoon I got word from a business associate and friend that his wife's brother has been diagnosed with this horrible disease and it has metastisized "all over". He is 38, has 3 young children (youngest of 7 mths). So, I invited her into the "family" and told her of the love and support that she'll find here.

I hate the reason we've found each other but am so very glad that we did.


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