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Seaweed! Removes heavy metals & radioactive isotopes

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


This article states that alginic acid is a naturally occurring chelating polymer (removes heavy metals from system). I've found quite a few articles stating this. Kelps (wakame and kombu seaweed) contains alginic acid. I use organic kombu all the time as a seasoner for vegetarian chili and other dishes. Some people fish it out (ha ha) after cooking. I leave it in and eat it along with whatever dish. It grows on you.

I also found:

Studies have shown that alginic acid removes heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the digestive tract, as well as strontium 90 from the bones.

at http://www.loveseaweed.com/health.html

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


I usually get them at the health food store but have also purchased them through here:

http://www.qualitynaturalfoods.com/shop ... ables.html

They carry certain items that the local store doesn't - like lotus root slices and dried daikon.


Did you ever get that recipe book? If so, how was it. Are you on a macrobiotic diet? I'm trying but don't follow it strictly as I love some of their off-limit foods such as tomatoes and have trouble with their limitations on fruit. I'm not sure why they suggest that other than it originated in (I think) Japan and they based it more on that typical diet.


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I buy most of my sea veggies at Whole Foods Market -- it comes dried, in bags. The one I use the most is Nori, which I crumble up into my miso soup.

Yes, I did buy the book recently (off Amazon.com, dirt cheap! :wink: ) but haven't sat down and made more than one or two recipes (miso soup and a hijiki dish)

I have a lot of macrobiotic cookbooks (Christina Pirello is my favorite chef) and do try to adhere to what I refer to as a "modified macro diet" -- I too eat tomatoes and a few other "no-no" foods, but in the last cooking class I attended w/ Christina Pirello, she also admitted that she follows a modified macro diet because she doesn't believe that there is ANY fruit/veggie out there that can possibly be bad for you if you eat it in moderation.

Her cookbooks all have recipes made w/ brown rice syrup for sweetener and use whole grains.

I'm a big fan of daikon and lotus too, but have never tried them dried. I buy fresh daikon and lotus root and cut them up with other veggies for a great stirfry. Put them over brown rice w/ a little Soy Tamari sauce and you are good to go! :wink:

TRUE STORY: I developed a fat deposit on my liver when using steroids. I followed a recipe for a "cleansing tea" in one of C. Pirillo's cookbooks. It consisted primarily of shredded daikon and shredded carrots boiled in water w/ a few other things splashed in. (The premise behind this being that root vegetables are cleasing and can flush your organs of toxins and fats) I drank this stuff for a week straight and at my next scans.....poof. gone.

My doctor things I am crazy and it just desolved on its own, but we know the truth, now don't we!!!

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Jane, If you're interested in an excellent book on macrobiotics, I suggest The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health by Michio Kushi. He's the guy that introduced macro to Western society. The book contains all the info you need on macro diets, recipes, home remedies and tips for adjusting the diet for different types of cancer, including lung cancer. He also has stories of different people, like a nurse with adenocarcinoma, stage IV that had metastisized to liver, pancreas lymphatic system. She was given no hope. She started this diet and ten months later, all tumors were gone. The Tumor Board met to discuss it and couldn't believe the scans.

Heather you must live near a very good marketplace - fresh lotus root! Wow. I'd love that! I was reading reviews on amazon on Christina Pirello's books and people took issue with her including fish in one cookbook. Hey, fish is included in a macrobiotic diet. It's limited but it is included.

It says she adopted the diet after she heard she had leukemia. I wonder if she did it modified at that time.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Case Histories - Cures listed in The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health

Brian Bonaventura - Malignant Brain Tumor

Christine Abkar - Breast Cancer (works at Kushi Macro Institute)

Osborn Woodford - Metastatic Colon Cancer (cancer free last 10 years)

Christina Pirello - Terminal Leukemia

Hilda Sorhagen - Liver Tumor

Janet Vitt - Metastatic Lung Cancer (cancer free last 5 years)

Judy MacKenney - Incurable Lymphoma (cancer free last 9 years)

Marlene McKenna - Melanoma

Mina Dobic - Metastatic Ovarian Cancer

Norman Arnold - Pancreatic Cancer spread to liver (20 yr survivor)

Dirk Benedict (Battlsheip Galactica) - Prostrate Cancer

Anthony Sattilaro - Metastatic Prostrate Cancer (7 years cancer free - he then went off diet completely. Cancer came back)

Katsuhide Kitatani (UN Secretary) - Terminal Stomach Cancer (16 yr survivor)

Elaine Nussbaum - Incurable Ovarian Cancer Mets to spine and lungs (16 yr. survivor)

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Cat ~

I live near a foodstore called "Whole Foods" (formerly "Fresh Fields") and it is a great store for organic and all sorts of strange fruits/veggies! It's also a chain, you can check their website for locations.

As far as C. Pirillo -- she did NOT follow a modified diet when diagnosed w/ leukemia. She followed a STRICT macro diet and after she recovered and was healthy, she expanded her diet a little because she doesn't believe the macro diet can be followed long term (after recovering, she tried to continue following it and ended up Vitamin B deficient and in the hospital!) She has a website www.christinacooks.com that tells her story if you want to check it out. (She lives in Philadelphia and teaches local cooking classes at our Whole Foods store sometimes, so I know her story pretty well :wink: )

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Holy Ravioli!

I swear it wasn't there a year ago. It must be brand new. We have a Whole Foods Market in our county.

Yippee Yay Yay!

It's a bit of a drive from my place but not that far.

Doing Happy Cat Dance

Ooh. That's TWO good news in one week. Yea!


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I have even MORE good news!!!!!

I received the September issue of Alternative Medicine Magazine today and there is a three page article on JANET VITT!!!!

It says in here, and I quote

In 2002, the Kushi Institute, the world's leading macrobiotic educational center, presented Vitt's case and five others like it to the Cancer Advisory Panel for Compementary and Alternative Medicine. A panel of 15 physicians and scientists reviewed all the evidence and unanimously recommended that the Kushi Institute receive government funding for a clinical study on macrobiotics and cancer. The study is not yet underway.

It also says...

Approximately one-third of the people who adopt a macrobiotic way of life recover from their illness after three to six months on the diet.



It gives a LOT of information on the macrobiotic diet and the theory behind why it works -- they give a lot of credit to Miso soup!

(For those of you who don't know -- Janet Vitt was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer 9 years ago, at the age of 45. 3 tumors in her left lung, seven in her right, 3 tumors in her liver and one on her pancreas.)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Oh - I want to run out and get the magazine but I'm stuck here waiting on a repairman. :(

The government is funding a study. Woah. That's almost too much to believe. (Excuse me while I faint!)

This week I'm trying for strict macro. Yesterday I had (all organic) brown rice, tomatoes (oops), mellow white miso, dulse, kidney and black beans. Also strawberries (oops) and blueberries (oops) sweetened with stevia. I also drank 2 cans of coke. :-(

I really need to get a cookbook.


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This is my favorite cookbook right now:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de ... ce&s=books

I wouldn't worry too much about the blueberries and strawberries -- there ain't know way, no how, either of those are going to hurt you!!! Just remember that you should ALWAYS eat fruit WITH or right AFTER a meal, not alone -- that way the other foods you ate help to slow the sugar rush from the fruit! :wink:

(and get rid of that Stevia -- and THE COKE!!! :roll: )

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