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More good news and full report from the scans


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Hello All,

I finally have read and gone over all of mom’s reports (CT and MRI) have received even more good news! In the brain mom is down to 4 small tumors (she started with 12+) they are all under a cm. Now on to the rest of her body: The tumor in her adrenal gland has disappeared, and all of the lymph nodes have cleared up to a large extent to the point where they recommend a pet scan to see what’s going on! The rest of her body other than the bones remains clear! :D:D:D

I have spoken to several docs about what’s going on in her lung as late as yesterday. The consensus seems to be that they are not quite sure. There are a lot of changes and inflammation from the chest radiation that make it very hard to see what’s going on. They can’t really see the tumor in her right lung and the lung is showing improved aeration (at one point it was completely blocked from the tumor) so at the very least there is improvement.

She still has a large pleural effusion and a medium sized pericardial effusion and her lower right lung remains collapsed. We’ve seen a pulmonary specialist about draining the lung so that remains an option, but he seemed to indicate that unless there are real symptoms from the pleural effusion leave it alone. He said that draining it might help the lung re-inflate, but then again it might not (by the way I’ll take a doc who is admits he doesn’t know over one who thinks he knows everything any day :wink: ). I’ll be doing more research into that issue.

Mom is doing very well physically and spiritually right now and the entire family thanks you all for the prayers and good wishes. I firmly believe it is the prayers and God’s grace that are getting us through this. I also want to take the opportunity to say thank you to Rick and Katie and everyone on the board for offering love, support, and guidance as we go through this ordeal. I have changed a lot for the better after mom’s diagnosis and you all have been a big part of that.

Melinda and I think about and pray for you all daily.

God bless,


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