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Just to let you know my surgery went well. I have to go back to the surgeon for my results on Wednesday. Recovery was a bit more of a shock for me then I thought. My incision was twice the size I expected on my breast and the incision under my arm is what I expected. I am a little anxious for my results but like you all know....time will tell. I am still very sore and I am afraid to move my left arm to much so I do a lot of nothing right about now. I will let you know my results on Wednesday.

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I'm glad Shellie is there to look after you.

Don't be a hero, you'll heal better if you're not in pain.

The boys are big enough to not burn the house down if you take a nap.

Talk to someone about keep ing range of motion in your arm. You might be even encouraged to move it some, passively, while you're healing so it doesn't tighten up.


Prayers always,


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