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David A

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David, Sorry that you have to be going through all this breaks my heart.

I wish there was a magical way to make cancer go away forever. The

new porch sounds awesome and nice you got to visit with your family.

Sorry to hear about your dog. I am a big animal lover and lost one of

my saint bernards in Feb. 04 and it was very hard. My thoughts and

prayers are with you. Haylee

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the dog is in kidney or heart failure the vet thinks, she is pretty lethargic.

I'm doing okay had a couple of rough days on the new chemo. Tomorrow I see the thoracic surgeon to talk about lazer surgery and what not. I can so relate to the dog right now.

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Hey Group,

I am taking the rest of this week off, since I don't go back to the doctor till Thurs. It has been so hot!!! I have been cooking literally for my dogs! Ha! I eat very little, and Jack has one helping. My dogs are loving it! Last night was Beef Strogonoff, tonight is Cajun Beens and Cheesy Cornbread. I love to cook, but really don't have anybody to cook for. Jack appreciates it, but has never been a big eater, and hardley won't eat left offers. It has been so ungodly hot here. I don't stir till the sun goes down. I only have one more watermelon left growing to feed my mare. She eats the rind and all! I actually went out and bought her one! She was so sticky from it last night, I had to bathe her. She actually enjoyed the cooling off. I cut her mane and bangs, she looks like cleopatra. Ha! I did get out to take a look at the National Guard Armory today, where I plan on holding our Nov. Bash! It is awsome!!! I hope to see you all there, and am looking forward to meeting everyone.


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Wow David I was just wondering how you are, since I thought you were pretty sick at the time of your gathering at RY's. I know I rarely post on this part of the board, usually on nsclc part. We live in Flushing which is right up the road if I understand correctly. Anyhow, you have been in our prayers. We'll continue. So sorry your doggie is in rough shape too.


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I am sorry that you feel so badly and sorry that the dog is not doing well. I have a little shihtzu that I adore..she is 10 and will start showing her age soon I fear. Right now she still acts like a young dog...running and playing ball when she can get someone to throw it for her. We always play at least once per day.

I hope the chemo side effects get better and that you start to feel stronger soon. Keep us in touch.


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