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Duke of Earl - Chapter 72 Keeps on keeping on


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Hi all, this has certainly been a sad, sad week. No matter how much we kind of expect this, it does not make it any less sad.

Earl keeps on keeping on. In many ways, it is way too busy here. Family and friends keep coming, casseroles delivered, phone calls galore. Opening the refrigerator has become a surprise. Matching dish to owner has become my mission.

It is quiet (shhhhh) here this afternoon and it is a joy. I am cleaning out the refrigerator before the health department comes.

It seems like I am always fighting something. Earl's hospital bed broke on Friday, won't be fixed until tomorrow and the bed people won't help him out so we have to make sure to have 2 strong people here. A volunteer (man) called last Monday from hospice, spoke to Earl who agreed to see him (that alone REALLY surprised me) and told me he would probably be out that afternoon. You guessed it, never heard or saw him. The hospice social worker did not return my daughter's calls for 1 week. We have been infested with wasps in the wall in our bedroom. Too long a story on that one but we are still buzzing about it. lol.

My next door neighbor, who is certifiably nutso, went balistic on me on Friday when her tree guys were doing all her work on my property. They told me she said she had my permission. Wrong. She never mentioned the trees to me but started by saying that "Until today, she considered me her best friend", and ended by calling me Southwest Philly white trash and told me to kiss her, well you know. The stuff in between is best left unsaid. Let me just say, I barely considered her a neighbor, mostly an acquaintance. I never got a word in edgewise. I am not from SW Philly, don't think I have ever been there.

Earl, my dear Earl, has no pain, no agitation and no strength or energy. We are not going to continue the ritalin, it doesn't seem to be doing any good. He wants to sleep most of the time and hospice thinks I should let him do that. Appetite is fine mostly. We did get him up and out on the deck on Friday, but he had trouble holding up his head so we are trying to get neck brace before we do that again. He says he wants to do it.

BP, heart rate, lungs, personal functions (you know what I mean) are all fine. But hospice thinks he is beginning to shut down because of the sleeping all the time.

I have okay times and bad times. He gets very upset if he thinks I am upset, so I try to have my bad times out of sight. He doesn't want to discuss what is happening and we have all decided that we will not try to make him. He was never a great emoter and hospice says that you die as you live.

I am here most days, just having a hard time writing.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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Oh, Ginny....you and Earl are in my thoughts and prayers too. I just SO wish this wasn't happening to the two of you. :(

I marvel at the balance you seem to maintain....and can only figure that love has a lot to do with it. You treasure each moment with Earl...so that even the hard times are valuable.

Sending you an enormous cyberhug and wishing it were enough to "fix" things for you.

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Oh Ginny,

I'm sorry to hear that rain cloud is hanging over you. I pray it will clear up for you real soon.

We know your here, and we know you check in when you have time. You and Duke are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending you additional hugs my dear friend. ((((GINNY))))

(((((((((((((((GINNY & DUKE)))))))))))))))))

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I am glad you posted, think of you and the Duke often and wonder how you are.

The hospice should have a volunteer coordinator and you should let him or her know about the guy that did not show up. Maybe someone else can come. Also, there is absolutely no excuse for not returning a phone call for one week. None, zip, tell her you expect better.

Ginny, we have more in common than I thought, I have the same neighbor! Does she have a twin in Michigan? Fortunately, all the other neighbors make up for the one lunatic.

I am glad the Duke is comfortable, but so very sorry this is happening. I wish you all the best. Thanks for letting us know how you are.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Ginny, Sometimes I can't find the words to express what I'm feeling - like now. All I can say is that you and Earl will be in my prayers. Take care of yourself too.


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what you have there is a hero. He is fighting this fight for everyone who will one day be diagonosed with it.. Just like Bean Si. Earl along with every other wonderful person who is raging the war against LC is a hero to me.

I have not lost a spouse, but I have recently lost both parents to LC and my sister, as most of you know, is battling breast cancer now.

I always hope for the best, but if earl goes on ahead of you to rainbow bridge, only a breath will seperate you two from eternal happiness, heaven is literally a blink away so Earl will be always right next to you, you just won't see him, but you will always feel him.

I am so sad over earl being where he is in this war. I wish I could offer you something to make it easier.

you have all of our love.

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Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and Earl. You made me smile with your neighbor/tree story. Unlike your neighbor, my neighbor is planting Sherwood Forest on our property line, luckily I like the view so I let it go. Please remember we are all with you in spirit and I hope you can feel us there with you.


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(((((((((((((GINNY))))))))))))))))) :cry::cry::cry:

I love you! Tell me what I can do to help.


P.S. Darn. I still think I have time to cancel my $500 order to Hickory Farms for the cheese and sausage rolls. Oh, well, I don't think they delivered to Pennsylvania anyway! :lol:

P.S.S. I think I can scrape together some things to look like gang clothes from the old cedar chest and head east to whoop on your neighbor. Hmmmmmmm. Would that help?

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Ginny -

Thanks for the update - you and Earl are in my thoughts and prayers.

Your love for each other reminds me so much of my parents and it breaks my heart that you are having to go through this. I am wishing you nothing but peace in the coming days.

I am very good at getting rid of people, so if your neighbor gives you any more guff - I'll be happy to work my magic :lol:

Much love to you and Earl!


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As if you didn't have enough problems....now the neighbor idiot and the wasps and broken bed. I would tell hospice about the guy that called and didn't show up and ask why in the world they haven't returned your phone calls.

I keep you in my thoughts and prayers and was so glad to see an update. I am so sorry that earl is so weak. At least he is not in pain and is eating well. Keep on keeping on as you said. I know you must be exhausted. Thinking of you often.


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