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Question and Scared

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Quit Smoking in March due to feeling bad. Started exercising in April again, trying to get into shape. Riding 30-50 miles a week. stopped riding because of back pain and am now seeing a chiro. Anyway having pain in my back...left side below my shoulder blade. Got scared and went to doc and had xray done.....doc stated everything looked normal. pain comes and goes....feels like a knot in the ribs. No coughing, no weezing, not exhausted. just that pain and sometimes in my chest around the ribs. Chiro thinks its just the muscles. Scared. Should I worry.

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Nobody SHOULD worry, it causes stress and stress is bad for you... :roll:

If you are not satisfied with what you are hearing, get a more in-depth test, a CT scan will help look at softer tissue (x-rays are mainly for bones and "masses").

You don't mention how old you are, how much you smoked, etc. I'm assuming your doctor has all of that information when treating you...chest pain could be many things...heart, lungs, muscles, acid reflux... If you're still experiencing things that are making you uneasy, get it checked.


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If this were two years ago, I'd tell you you are too young to be worried about lung cancer... If this were two years ago, I'd tell you that you are worrying about nothing... BUT, if this were two years ago, you wouldn't see me here.

As I said, if you are truly concerned, talk to your doctor about getting a more thorough exam. Pain in your back could be a herniated disk...a simple pulled muscle...could be nothing, could be something bad. If the little voice is telling you that you need more information, heed that little voice.

Good luck.

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Quote from another site:

Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.

My quess and believe me this is an unqualified quess and hope. Sounds like you got a scare which caused you to take a close look at your health and made some good choices to improve it. I would see a dr and express your concerns and let him run the tests to relieve your mind. I pray that you found this site by overconcern. Thats just my thought.

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I agree with the others....if you're still worrying, call your doc and push for a CT scan.

Now, I don't want to unduly scare you, and hopefully your chiro is right about it being muscle pain, BUT.....I had right shoulder pain, mostly under the shoulder blade.....a nagging, uncomfortable feeling that sometimes would be downright painful. Nothing seemed to alleviate it.....it came and went on its own.

About a month or so later, I developed shortness of breath and wheezing (which I never had in my life).....this worried me enough to see the doc....my x-ray was suspicious and CT scan (along with several other tests) confirmed SCLC. My onc said the shoulder pain was related to the cancer....the pain did disappear after 1st round of chemo.

Better to be safe than sorry....call your Doc!! Hope everything turns out positive for you !!!!!


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This started because I came down flush one day in march and I never really get sick. felt strange that my body was doing what it was. July 1st I was concerned enough after all the tension in my head and neck that I went in. I had a head CT done and it was clear, had a LP done and it was clear. about 15 July started with the Chiro and also started sitting strait, that is why now the doc thinks it is just tight back muscles since they are on one side and low rib cage. Did get the xray done around 15 July with a emergecy DOC again and thats when he stated the Xray was normal.

Yes I just seem to worry about every ache and pain and that may be all it is but since never really got sick like this before I was and am still worried, can't seem to shake it. Since I was a smoker I just started thinking the worst.

I went from moving around alot up until June last year in the Navy to a job that I sit 8 hours a day infront of a computer so that is why they stated I had neck and tension headache and that is why I started with the chiro.

Stopped the riding only because of the alignment work and wanted to give it a chance to strait'n the back before I start again in a bent position.

MRI was scheduled on the neck/spine to see if my muscles were getting spasms because of a disk problem. Scheduled to do the spine so don't know if that is just the neck or the whole thing, we will see.

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