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souls gather in one place/sleeping until Jesus comes again?


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I read a book, said for christians, there is 2 different beliefs on afterdeath -- where will the deads (believers) be in afterdeath because these 2 are both stated in Bible.

1 is :

all souls gathers in one same place like what Jesus said to his neighbour on the cross. Some christians believe souls are kept in one place until Jesus comes again.

2 is :

all dead people are sleeping and will be raised while Jesus comes again.

What do you believe ?

I wish Jesus Christ comes immediately that I can reunite with my dear dad at once.

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Berisa it is true that some churches teach that we are sleeping in the grave untill christ return's while most believe that we are in a spiritual presence of GOD or HELL.

To me the important thing is that when it is all said and done that we are found worthy to be with GOD.If it should be that we are sleeping ,well a million year's gone by would make no difference as time either way will no longer exist.


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We are only found worthy by what Jesus has done for us, since we are incapable of satisfying all of God's requirements to be righteous. So by grace we are given as a gift His righteousness and because of that we can all stand before God. He no longer looks upon our own unrighteousness but upon the righteousness of Jesus. The great exchange. My faults for His perfection. What great good news.

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