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hall pass please!

Remembering Dave

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OK, hall pass please, from the Chapmans - all of us - leaving on Friday to meet up in Missoula, Montana and on to Glacier National Park. Need one for BeckyCW, too!

A MUCH needed vacation from doctors, hospitals, chemo and - drum roll please - TELEVISION!! Do you hear that David C - no TV!!! No Law and Order reruns - no Discovery Health Channel blood!

Karen C.

(the other day, for some strange and rare reason, the TV was not on. Faith pointed at the TV a couple of times and said UH OH, like, oh no, it must be broken if it's not on!)

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You may go ONLY on the condition that you show some pictures!!!!!

What right do I have to demand that? None whatsoever, but I felt like saying it b/c we want to see the family photos :) Are David's parents going too?

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Ok Karen C, here's the deal....

You can all have a hall pass on one condition. You must get your own sign on name as Karen C! You cannot keep posting as David when you are Karen, you're driving people loopy. Now...is it a deal? If not, ten dollar fine for impersonating David!

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourselves.


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Yeah, I guess I need the hall pass, too. You could send it to David and Karen and ask them to share, I guess...

We are soooooooo looking forward to this trip. I worked in Glacier National Park all 4 summers during college, and am appalled to realize that the first of those summers is now 29 years ago. (Don't do the math!) How is that possible?! :shock:

Anyway, the place was a huge part of my life. David & our sister Tammy were just kids when they visited me there with our folks, but it's a place that gets under your skin and doesn't go away. Now we'll all be there together, with all our immediate family except my dear hubby who can't get away from his business. I can't wait to work on spoiling Faith and my other niece and nephew. :twisted:

Please pray for good weather, no icy winds or snow, no rain and clouds blocking the mountains, nothing but sun shining on the lakes, rivers, waterfalls and mountains!

We will no doubt miss you all, but there is no phone service there, let alone online access. :wink:

If you let me have my own hall pass, I promise to come back with a picture or two.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

We need a little green jealous face/emoticon. :lol: It sounds like a beautiful place to have a vacation.

Don't forget to bring back plenty of pictures.


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becky - I sent an email to glacier asking for emergency contact phone numbers and was told they now have phones at the village inn! but still no tv's, thank goodness! but don't tell your dad or dave about the phones in case they try to start hooking up computers to them, OK?

Ry - I never got my own sign on name 'cause you had to have a separate email address which I didn't have without getting a hotmail account or something . . . but since dave and I share everything it didn't seem to matter (share to the point of driving each other nuts may I add?)

am really looking forward to this - I'm even going to buy a new book to read while the inlaws spoil Faith!


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Ok hall passes all around, take these cute pine tree ones. Sorry Karen gotta fine you ...I keep going to see what David has posted and its not David! I think, oh good, what's David got to say and it's Karen. Not that I don't care what you have to say...but cut that out!

Have a great time!

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Hi all, David here. I can't wait to get to Montana. I lived there when I was 8 years old. That was 1972 and I remember my sister Becky CW was quite a hippy at the time, wearing multi rainbow collored clothes and all. ( Sorry Becky had, to slip that one in, ha,ha. ). We lived there a little over a year, I think, while my Dad was getting his Masters Degree. It was there that we went to a Trumpet recital at the University and I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a professional Trumpet Player. I bugged my parents constantly for the next 4 years to buy me a trumpet. I had to wait until we moved to Northern Virginia before I was in a school system that had a music program. I played Lead Trumpet and Solo Coronet in High School and then moved to Richmond VA where I held all the top spots in all the ensembles thereat VCU (one of the top Jazz Programs in the country at the time). I played professionally for 13 years before I got married and settled down. I could have gone to NY or LA but I had decided that dodging the Grim Reaper, being on the road all the time getting home when the birds were getting up was really not the life I wanted for me or my family. Anyway......... I always wanted to go back to Montana but I really did not think there would be much of a demand for Professional Trumpet players in Montana. We are looking forward to this trip so much. Karen really needs a break, she has been through so much in the last month or so and has been so strong but she really needs a break. We really have not had much vacation time since a year before we went to China to adopt Faith. We have gone on little camping trips but have not had a good week long vacation. I love Montana and the Rocky Mountains, If you have never seen the Rockies you owe it to yourself to make a trip to see them.

I must admit that I will have Law & Order withdrawals and computer withdrawals also but it will be for the best I believe. I do have to say that we will not be buying any more plane tickets since the last 2 times I did I got cancer shortly after purchasing the tickets, fist my initial Lung Cancer and then the my Metastisis to my noggin, so I have concluded that buying plane tickets causes cancer. Oh well, I better get off here, I had a full morning of running araound and I am beat. Need to lay down and rest before Karen and Faith get home tonight.

David C

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