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What Can Be


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What can be

No matter how much you may have lost, there is always goodness and value ready to be created. No matter how many opportunities have been squandered or ignored, there are always more to be lived and fulfilled.

No matter what you've done with what has been, you now have what can be. And what can be is yours to build, to mold, to fashion in the best way you can imagine.

What can be begins in this moment. What can be comes from your thoughts, your actions, the discipline, passion and commitment with which you live, from this point forward.

The goodness of what can be is far more powerful than any memory of what has been. Let yourself embrace it fully.

Now is the place where you can take the best of what can be and turn it into what is. The positive possibilities are yours, no matter what may have happened before.

This moment is overflowing with what can be. Take the best you can imagine, and live it with all you have.

-- Ralph Marston

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