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Heard from dad... very confused!

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He said he met with the doctor's assistant today, who told him that the cells they scraped from the tumor were dead cancer cells. He said it means nothing and that evidently they didn't go deep enough during the bronchoscopy. He now has to have a needle biopsy to get into the center of the tumor. Has anyone ever heard of this? Should we be encouraged, or does it really mean nothing. I am very confused!

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Amy -

It sounds like maybe something got lost in translation.

I had a bronc and the doctor wasn't happy with the quality of the cells retrieved, stating they were "crushed". This is not unusual, since the actual process is to SCRAPE off some cells, which damages them. I was then sent for a needle biopsy (not as horrible as you think), which netted them a MUCH better quality sample.

So don't be worried that it's "worse" - they just want to have a good sample to make a clear diagnosis.

Hugs and prayers,


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Amy -

My Mom had the same thing happen, onc said they didn't get a good enough tissue sample to verify the type of cancer with the bronch and she said if she ever had to do it again she would insist on the needle biopsy. You can PM me if you have any questions. Hang in there - the waiting is the worst!

Much Love,

Amy P

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I had the same thing. Had a bronchoscopy which they felt wasn't sufficient - so I then had a needle biopsy.


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Don't be confused. The sample, for whatever reason, wasn't good enough to tell pathology. I had a needle biopsy the first time, since my tumor was close to the surface, but the INSIDE was all necrotic and the outside was good tissue. Go figure.

Stay strong.


Prayers always


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