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Update on our friend Bob..


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Well , I am sure a lot concerned. The primary doc finally read the MRI from last week, the one they took of the lower lumbar region. He called this morning and said

a. It shows either an inflamed fractured disc

b. or a tumor pressing inward ( Bob has has terrible constipation and abdominal swelling.

He will be getting a bone scan Thurs. a.m. and we truly hope it will be read sooner than the MRI was. The doc apologized to Bob and Jo about how long it took to get to the place where they realize something is going on with the bone.

Also, he had been scheduled for an ultrasound and biopsy of the prostate due to the 9.5 PSA, but as John posted in another thread, those are not so accurate, and the doc feels he needs to forget that for now and look at the bone situation.

He had wanted him to have a colonoscopy too if you can believe it, grasping at straws we think, but he canceled that today as well. so we are wondering what the bone scans purpose is. Shouldn't the MRI have been clearer as to whether there is a break or a tumor or both? Is the bone scan like a biopsy?

Gosh this is such a monster disease.

The doc told Bob and Jo to cancel the 2 week camping vacation we take to MI UP on the lake every year. We were going the last of this month, and he is sooo sad about that. I wondered if that would have to be skipped. Any exp. with this stuff is sure appreciated. Praying for a pain free restful night for everyone.


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The bone scan will show up as a bright spot if cancer is there. If its too small, it won't show up yet, but with as much pain as he has, it probably will. I am so sorry he has to suffer so, my Rob suffered so much too. Hopefully he can get the pain under control and the constipation. I am praying for him hard. Poor Guy :cry:


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I hope that the doctors get to the bottom of your friend's problem. So sorry that he is in such pain. :cry: That is rough because there is nothing you can do to help except be there and be a good friend. (and threaten to remove a vital body part from the doctors if the bone scan results are not in REAL soon!) :wink:

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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