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Survival and Birthdays

Donna G

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Just wanted to share. Yesterday we had our local lung cancer support group up in St. Paul, that Connie is our leader. IT WAS GREAT. :D:D There were 16 of us around a huge table. We usually have coffee, water, tea, and a big plate of huge cookies that Scott ( the co-facilitator, social worker) brings. We also had lots of cup cakes. We got happy face :D bubbles ( I love to blow bubbles) and one of our members had ball caps made with his favortite saying " It's another great day to be alive" and gave one to everyone! We took a big group picture. There were 5 of us there with birthdays this month! Mine is today! This is the 7th birthday I have had since being told I had lung cancer. Of course we welcomed NED to come and celebrate with us. Several of us go home with NED. I wish for you a HAPPY DAY today. I just love reasons to celebrate. Maybe it is because I am the baby of my family , and you never really outgrow that postition. Donna G

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