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Lucie and Second Chemo

Don Wood

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I decided to post this here -- seemed appropriate. Lucie starts her third round of Navelbine tomorrow and will have another next Thursday. Then scans will be taken to determine progress.

Why do I post in Good News? Well, for two reasons:

(1) The side effects of Navelbine have been much less than those of Taxotere/Carboplatin, her first chemo. She is fatigued easily, but that has been the main side effect. We have resorted back to snacks between meals and plenty of liquids to keep the nausea down and prevent dehydration. She had some constipation at first but she has that under control.

(2) The pain in her right lower rib has subsided substantially! This means, (A) that the chemo is working and (2) she probably won't have to have radiation treatment after the chemo. Blessed us!

Lucie continues to read your messages to her and enjoys the wonderful support she is getting from you. Me, too. We will let you know how things progress -- and it will be progress, right? Right! Don

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Dear Don and Lucie,

In case they didn't hear your comment about being "right!" up in heaven, I would like to elaborate on that one for you, "RIGHT!!!"

I think you posted Lucie's update in the RIGHT fourm! :wink:

So very glad to hear it's going so well and not having any major side effects. That is wonderful!

God Bless you BOTH!

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Lucie, Way to go lady.You are definately made of all the right stuff.Don and all of us are very ,very proud of you and inspired by you.Keep up the good work.Don,you too need very much applauded as it is your care giving that helps make such a difference.Good job to you as well.

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Lucie, You are absolutely incredible and such an inspiration. You also have a very wonderful name. My mom was a Lucie, too. Is your real name Lucille? There were four of us kids and we were dirt poor. Boy, did my dad love that song: "You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille. With four hungry children . . . . ." Tee hee. He went around singing it in his baritone voice ALL THE TIME.

I know the chemo is tough, Lucie, but I don't think that fine man of yours is going to let you get down very long. I think he would fight a grizzly bear for you.

God bless you,


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As a team, the two of you are FORMIDABLE!

This is wonderful news...and I hope everything continues in this same direction. You truly are an inspiration, Lucie...but I know you'd give half credit to your main guy for all his support! :wink:

Keep it up, you two...you give us all hope!

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This is terrific news! I am so glad to hear this chemo is tolerable.

Makes a big difference.

You are very lucky to have Don around as your advocate, friend, and husband. He sounds like a really good guy, and his love for you is apparent in his posts.

God bless and keep you both!


Prayers always,


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