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Miracles DO happen. One happened to me.


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Although I realize that I have been incredibly blessed -- and that cases like mine are extremely rare -- I thought it might be helpful to some cancer victims to hear from someone who has truly experienced a miracle of 'healing'. My case is proof that there is ALWAYS reason to have hope, and that there is ALWAYS reason to trust God.

In May '03, I was dx'd with mucinous adenocarcinoma of the lung, stage IV, with metastisis to the lymph nodes and pericardium. Tissue from my pericardium, as well as the fluid that had accumulated within it, tested positive for malignancy, and multiple CT scans showed the presence of 'masses' in the mediastinal, paratracheal, and left and right hilar areas.

The oncologist told me that my situation was grave. Neither surgery nor radiation were possible and chemotherapy, if effective (only a 25% possibility), could only extend my life to a maximum of 12 months. He further informed me that there was also about a 50% probability that the chemo would do nothing except make me much sicker. My choice, then, was between 2 - 6 months of life with no treatment except pain meds, or undergoing chemotherapy that had only a 25% chance of extending my life by 6 months, and would certainly make me sick, possibly so sick that my last months would be utterly miserable.

I chose to forego any type of treatment. I was discharged from the hospital with a bunch of prescriptions, and began to prepare myself for the inevitable. And my friends and relatives began to pray.

A month later, I went to see all my various docs (heart, lung, and cancer) for check-ups. I had been told to expect that my pleural cavities would refill and that my 'masses' (or 'nodes') would likely be noticeably larger and possibly more numerous.

But neither of those things happened. Somehow, the adenopathy that was causing my lung cavities to fill up had stopped doing what it had been doing. My pleural cavities were clear. Even more amazing, all the "masses" noted on the previous CT scans -- though still there -- had not grown. The largest had never been very big -- 3cm -- but instead of growing -- as expected -- they actually seemed to have gotten a bit smaller. I went home that day thinking that maybe -- just maybe -- I might live to see Thanksgiving, after all. And so I did! And many other holidays, too!

I have had CT scans ever three months since then and all have shown the same basic results. All the previously identified 'nodes' still show up where they always did, but, incredibly, all are about the same size they started at. No metastisis into other organs has been detected. My lungs have not refilled with fluid. The pain I originally felt (some of which, no doubt, was post-surgical) has consistently lessened to the point I hardly take any pain meds at all now. Although I have very little stamina, I feel fine most of the time.

It has now been 14 months since I was diagnosed, which means I have already lived nearly a year longer than I was told to expect. Better still, I feel well enough today to believe I might live another year, or perhaps even longer. My next CT scan is at the end of August, and of course, I'm anxious to know what it shows. But regardless what it shows, I have already received a miracle. And if I can receive one, anyone can.

I am not a 'special' person in any way. Although I am a believer, I am not a churchgoer. I'm certain that I have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this miracle. So it isn't a matter of being 'good' enough.

On the other hand, I believe very strongly that the prayers of others are at least part of the reason God spared me. I may not be much myself, but I know some spiritual power-hitters, and all of them went to bat for me. In fact, many people I never even met prayed for me, and I'm so grateful to all of them. How could I not be?

No one can know God's mind or why He spares some and not others. But he DOES spare some people! Miracles DO happen! I'm living proof of that!

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You are a miracle walking and you are very blessed. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. My belief is that those spared have further work to do for Him here on earth. You might reflect on that. Sharing your story is a good start. My wife is a walking miracle, too. Don

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thank you for sharing. I do believe in miracles. I do believe that prayers and positive thoughts have an effect on our minds and bodies. As I said before on this board, I think they increase the positive energy throughout the universe.

One thing - being the curious sort - you said that the doc said no surgery but then mentioned the pain you had was probably post-surgery. Do you mind if I ask if you had surgery?


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Prayers are answered. It has been scientifically proven that people that are prayed for do better even if they don't know that they are being prayed for.

Your post actually reminds me of the readings at church this past Sunday from the old testiment, The Lord was asked over and over, would you save the city for 50 rightious men, for 40 rightious men, for 30 rightious men, how about 10 rightious men. I get out of that that even a few "rightious men" can make a big difference.

Your friends and family that prayed for you show you his love. Donna G

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God has a plan for you. You have had others praying for you and their prayers have answered.

Maybe you need to use your testimony to help others battle this disease.

I don't know why I am still here either except by Gods grace. It is now 3 1/2 yrs since diag. and I had about the same prognosis. 6 mos without treat. and 1-2 yrs with it. I feel good and I try never to miss a chance that only God could have done this.

There are some days I sit and watch tv but when I do i write notecards to the sick and old ones at our church. Give back what you have given.


Love Cindy

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Thank you for sharing your wondeful experience and it is a miraculous healing that is going on.

I noted you said you did not attend church,is it possible that GOD is giving you a miracle to share with those in a church.Maybe there is a person beside's all of us that need's to see what GOD has done so they may have that ray of hope....


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