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change of plans


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Well I didn't start treatment. Yesterday my insurance company scheduled this chemo even though I had an appt today with an onc to start a clinical trial and cisplatin/gemzar. I decided to keep the appt for the trial. I will still be getting first line chemo and and trial. I thought this would be better to try a third agent also. Unfortunatley I don't start the trial till Monday. I am getting very anxious about starting treatment in that I want to start now. Plus I have to get new ct(chest and ab). brain MRI and bone scan by MOnday. I would like to know if you gys think I am doing the right thing. Istill can start with the other once this week, and I liked both dr's. Even though the clinical trial dr seems a bit more thorough. PLus in his office he has a secretary about my age who is a three year survivor of NSCLC 3b.

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I agree with Katie..

Go with the doc who's got the survivor sitting out front!!! Try not to make your decision based on a few days...my mom's onc told us that with LC that's not going to dictate survival.

The clinical trial looks like its going to give you more chemo combo's..I dont have LC..but sometimes I think that if I did..I would do all the chemo combo's I could (I just read an article that says they are more effective)

Good luck with your treatments


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The trial sounds like its the right thing Lenny!! You seem to have your head on straight about it, and besides you are still getting first line Chemo, so what would be the difference between another thing fighting it or not? Anyway..I am praying for you my friend, and you hug your kids everyday, even when you are feeling down, (but your young so you might not feel down at all!!!!) God bless you.


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I think you made the right choice. You lose nothing by doing the clinical trial. You are still getting the same aggressive first line treatment that you would have, had you gone to the chemo appointment. But with the trial you get an added agent that just might benefit you. If the trial doesn't bear fruit, you can always change to a standard chemo protocol. But you wouldn't have been able to go the other way. If you had chose the standard treatment, and then decided that the trial might of been a good choice for you, you might not have been eligible any more. A lot of trials will only take participants who have not gone through previous chemotherapy.

NSCLC is supposedly not a fast growing LC, and a delay of starting treatment of only 5 days will not make a difference.

Feel confident in your gut instinct. I think you have a good one.


PS Please tell Lori, thank you for the call last night. I really enjoyed talking with her, she is such a sweet woman, and it really is nice to talk to someone who knows what I am feeling.

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