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Not Asking for a Hall Pass :D :wink:

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Giving you "unofficial permission" to do what you're gonna do anyway, and don't need my permission for in the first place! :wink::wink:

You...uh....can keep the diet, but the painting and language lessons sound great!

Have a good "break" and come back when you're ready. We'll be here.

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I along with a lot of other people would worry ourselves sick if we didn't see you on the board. So thanks for letting us know.

I understand though. I took a vacation this weekend and it helped, except I did log on once and saw that Terry had died--I quickly logged out because I just HAD to enjoy my weekend, in spite of my sadness and fear.

I know you will be there for me if I need you and I will be there if you need me. Maybe it's the blind leading the blind, but it CAN be done.

love and fortitude


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Dear Cat,

Thanks for telling us because you KNOW a lot of people would worry. I worry just knowing you live alone :( I understand your needing a break but please dont be too long but long enough to rest your soul. We love You. You are always in my prayers.

God Bless You,


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I know what you mean about a break. This week has been a tough one for all of us. I hope you get plenty of rest and enjoy some hard earned time to do what you want to do. But like the rest of them said, when you feel like it (and I hope it isn't too long) let us know how you are doing. You will be missed. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


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