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Night Sweats


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Anybody with a similar condition to my wife's and / or on similar drug regimen experience varying degrees of sweating at night ? Usually more like dampness on the trunk and behind the knees. Usually not forehead. Other times it can be more severe sweating requiring a change of clothing. Also, has anybody been given a medical explanation for this ?


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I have the night sweats, too. Their severity kinda comes and goes and doesn't seem to really be related to the meds so much. I've heard that night sweats can be related to LC but I'm not sure why. My docs weren't sure if mine were partially due to stopping my hormone replacement therapy right before I was diagnosed with LC, so they recommended I take 400-800 IU of Vit E in the evenings. This may have helped some.

I know it can be very annoying.


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I got instant menopause from chemo. Never missed a month, then never again. I not only sweat terrible at night but any time of the day, my husband would look over in the evening and see me tearing my clothes off and know I was having a horendous hot flash. I was put on HRT ( hormone replacement therapy) later that year my sister got breast cancer , I found what my risk was and just stopped them. I still flash but not nearly like that first year. Donna G

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That is similar to what happened to me, except it started when the cancer got bad enough, through the chemo, and still even now a little bit. Due to the Horner's syndrome (surgical consequence) I only sweat on one side of my head and neck, including scalp, and halfway down trunk.

I hated it, but I got used to it.

Another reason to wear terry turban when no hair left on my head -- absorbent, and kept the breeze off when I was damp....




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Could be the simplest of all reasons for a woman in her 40's or 50's--MENOPAUSE! I get them, they are not cancer related. Most of my friends are getting them, and they have never had cancer. It happens--especially to those of us who have had a chemical menopause, and/or can't take hormone replacement therapy......

Here's hoping it's just a natural cause......


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Before my brother's diagnosis he experienced night sweats. His wife told us that he would have to change his pijamas at night sometimes twice-that is how bad the sweating was. His doctor was giving him anxiety pills for the sweating! Later when he was diagnosed he was told (while at the hospital) that the night sweats were due to the cancer.


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Previously posted info on Night Sweats....

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Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 3:27 am Post subject: Fevers, Hot Flashes, Sweats

Information from the NIH

http://www.nci.nih.gov/cancer_informati ... a199f57aa4


Fay A.

NSCLC Adeno W/ BAC Features

Rt. Lung Upper and lower lobe segmentectomies 6-99, 4-00

Rt anterior thoracoscopy 11-00

Iressa 5-02 to 1-03

Pneumonectomy Rt. Lung and all Nodes right side of chest 5-03

Carbo-Taxotere 9/03-12/03

Recurrent Disease on Rt. Bronchial Stump/Subcarinal Node 1/04

Spread to outside of Left Lung Hilum 6/04

ED is back and he's brought a few friends.

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