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Pity Party....Ya'll Come..

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I try to set aside no more than fifteen minutes a day to feel sorry for myself and wallow.....I'm right in the middle of it and thought I would put out a general invitation. The party can't last long, but there is much to be done in just a few minutes.....

We have time for about two rounds of "Poor me, no one understands", five quick "I'm so tireds", three shots of "Why did this happen to us" and one tall, cool "How will I ever get through this"......

Okay, we're just about done....so back to business as usual.

Seriously, it's been a very trying day. I had to take my Mom to the doctor today to get sutures out from the mass they removed from her leg. It was grueling just getting her to the office. I was furious, because I called ahead and told them how sick she is and explained that it is extremely difficult for her to sit in the waiting room...physically and it ishard on her emotionally because she knows she doesn't look her best. Of course, they promised they would get her right in......yeah, another one of those "checks in the mail" kind of promises....but it's done and that's good.

The Hospice nurse came over afterwards and really helped her...gave her some breathing treatments that really calmed her breathing down, she was struggling so. Finally, the nurse sat down and went word by word through the CT/Test results with me. I was so thankful that finally someone took the time to explain exactly where we're at. I am more comfortable with Mom's decision not to seek curative treatment. The disease is pretty widespread. I talked to her again today about the options and told her we could sign off Hospice at any time. She very calmly told me that there are worse things than dying.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming....pity party is over...but I do think perhaps it's Miller Time.

Thanks for Listening,


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Hi Paige,

I'm sorry you had such a challenging day, but am sure glad it ended with you finding some peace. I'm like you, I always feel better when I have detailed information. I have a "need to understand" and it sounds like you do, too. It's good that you now better understand your mom's decision. I think I'm going to skip my pity party session today, though, and bank it for a day when I might need two in a row. OK? :wink:

Give your mom a big hug for me.



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