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I have heard about pain patches. My husband is currently having problems eating enough to balance the pain medication he is on. He has tried oxcicoton, hydrocodone, each of those make him sick and can't take them. He is now taking 2 Darvon at a time every 6 hours or so. It does help somewhat with the pain but he ocassionally get sick taking that too. He is currently taking radiation treatments for hip and 2 ribs. I was wondering if anyone here had any success with the pain patch. I'm thinking if he doesn't have to digest the meds it might not make him sick. Any suggestions?

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The fentanyl patch I was on was for opioid resistant pain.

Have you tried MSContin -- extended release morphine sulfate?

morphine sulfate also comes in liquid (small amounts) for breakthrough pain..

Ask your doctor . No one should have to bear the pain.


Prayers always,


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Maybe you could try giving compazine at the same tiime he takes the pain meds.

Also a VERY good stomach/reflux med is aciphex. I take 1 everyday. If I miss a dose the next day the reflux is so bad I have trouble taking deep breaths. It really works great.


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My mom used the Duralgesic patch for pain because Vicadin wasnt enough anymore and Oxycontin we thought was giving her bad side effects (but now Im pretty sure it was just the disease and the fact that she had brain met's).....anyway, the patches seemed to be the best option along with liquid morphine for break thru pain, she did have to increase the patches to using 2 or more eventually though. None of it seemed to make her sick or bother her stomach that I remember. Im sure everyone is different, but yes I would go for the patches, the pain can be way too horrible to live with!! Good luck with it!! Hope it works out.

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