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Test results & Passing on Info


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Wanted to pass on some info. I had a pet scan on 8/4, The lung tumor is slowing up considerably, the mets to my arm, and hip have a “complete resolution”. The activity, in the mediastinal area “is no longer demonstrated. The lesion of the right ileal has complete resolution. And there is no evidence of metastatic disease to the abdomen, nothing in my right orbital and normal normal normal in my inerds. Havn’t talked to my doctor yet and he may yet say, “well its not necessarily great news, hah what does he know.

I hope this doesn’t come off sounding too arrogant but I am a guy that looks at things straight in the face and I don’t know any other way to present it

The info I really want to pass is what I think helped me go on the fast track. Other than luck, being blessed and having a lot of folks praying for me I made a lot of changes in my life. At 53 I am finally following the advice of my kindergarten teacher and am eating lots of fruits and vegetables, never ate them before. Bologna was my idea of a good meal. I am no longer eating or drinking anything that is processed, as best as possible all natural food, and very little meat. I no longer drink cup after cup of coffee, only maybe one cup in the am. I drink lots of water, no chlorinated water only spring or from a well. I exercise daily, and as hard as it was at my lowest point, I forced myself to do what I could. I take one supplement that has been shown to kick start the immune system. Early on I made the connection between a healthy immune system and fighting the cancer and my goal was to build it in any way I could. That included resting, not to confuse exercise with not resting. If I became tired in the least in my day to day I stopped and let my body catch up.

My, our, worlds have changed forever, and in order to survive we must accept that we can not remain with our old habits. Most importantly we do have control, most importantly if we don’t we need to find it. We can help dictate our fate.

After three months of non stop reading to learn about this cancer stuff, my conclusion is cancer is not the cause, it is a symptom of a body, ( immune system) that somehow got out of whack. We have been programmed to accept that once we get the cancer it is a forgone conclusion that we have no control over our fate and that modern medicine is our best and only hope. I call “bull shi_”, we have other options. Though I will concede that the chemo most likely helped backed up the cancer.

I recognize that there is often this kind of remission following initial treatment, only to come back with a vengeance at a later date. So since I was blessed with the ability to help control my fate, I will take this wonderful opportunity to increase my vigilant response to getting cancer.

The fight is on

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Sounds like good news to me. I agree with you on a positive attitude and a determination to fight this thing with everything we can muster. Diet is important and strengthening the immune system is a must. The chemo probably has helped but also everything else is essential to the battle. Wage a good war and know that there is always hope. Prayer is also a very strong weapon against this beast and I pray for your continued success.

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Beta Glucan, the micronized stuff. Of the thousands of supplements this is the only one that I wanted to try. There is such a hit and miss approach to all of this that it is hard to spread money and hope on a maybe. I did my research and feel that this stuff does what they claim, ( claims are backed by research and trials in a medical school) the claim is; it stimulates or aggrevates the macrophages/monocytes into action. They claim also that it helps allieviate side effects and such from chemo and radiation. I can surely tell you this, I went from wandering from couch to bed in four days following taking this stuff. And I have accepted the chemo with almost no side effects and have continued to feel beter each day, put back on the 20 pounds I lost prior to being diagnossed and have grown long hair in the process. Its hard to say with certainty what the catalyst was but I won't change a thing I have changed and that means I will continue to take Beta Glucan

85 dollors for a two month supply.

Good luck on your fight

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