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I know someone must have asked this..


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But I cannot find by searching.

Mom is done with radiation (all 7000 rads) and is so much pain she CANNOT EAT. I do not mean only eats a little bit, she cannot eat!! We called oncologist and he gave her Roxanol (morphine) to swallow and even that is not helping at all. She has lost over 10 pounds this week. SHE IS HUNGRY, but the pain is unbearable. She says it is not in the throat, but once it hits the chest. Who has felt this? What can we do?

Please help, she needs nutrition if she is going to survive this thing.

Thanks, Lori

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Yes, a recent post had a long discussion on this, but I will say again that I had the exact same problem. You can SWALLOW, it just hurts like *#$&^@* once the food hits the chest area. (It hurts just thinking about it!!) I think I lost about 20 pounds during treatment and after.

I found that foods that were too cold didn't work....and foods that were too hot didn't work. Leukwarm seemed to hold the safest bet. Also, first thing in the morning, tell mom to take a couple of sips of room temp. water to get things moving in there -- and not to try eating a bite of food first thing without some water FIRST or OUCH!!! :oops:

The doctors say that 2 weeks after ending treatment, things should ease up, but mine lasted much longer, like a month.....but it did eventually subside, and the only lasting reminder I have is that occasionally things (like large vitamins or a big chunk of food) will feel like they get "stuck" in my throat/chest and I have to slowly coax them down with water.

I hope your mom finds some relief soon!


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I ditto exactly what Hebbie said. My husband could swallow but would cringe with pain as soon as it hit the chest area. Could only sip room temperature water and swallow small bits of food, and didn't want to do that. Mostly, he just refused to eat and lost at least 10 lbs. It did get better in a few weeks, but he didn't use any kind of medication. He did have to get two of the large bags of fluid because he was so dehydrated.


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Lori...This is exactly what my mom is going thru also. She has 8 radiation treatments left of out 33. this chest pain has been her only side effect with radiation and chemo, but it is BAD.

Mom is taking a "cocktail" of lydicane, mylanta and benedryl

this pink misture is quite yukky, but does the trick and numbing her throat and chest for a while. then 2 days ago it had gottten even worse and we were at chemo that day, so the nurse got her some demerol in her iv which helped, then called her in some liquid lortab (morphine is much stronger) along with a product called Oramagic (this has many different names ive learned). so now she takes all 3 every 3 hours, but still has alot of pain. Radiation doc didnt really recommend anything else to do. Mom is no longer eating either, and gets just enough liquid in her to take all her medicine. Breaks my heart to see her in pain, but it will end.Doc said to give it 3-5 days after radiation ends and she should notice it getting better.

Tell you mom to hang in there she can do this. If i hear or learn anything else in my quest to get mom more comfy ill let ya know. Good luck and god bless.

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Thanks everyone!! The Dr. has given her the liquid morphine (roxanol) and she has pain meds and tablets of morphine, but refuses to take them because they don't help. It is reassuring to know that others have experienced the pain in the chest, it will subside, thank God!!!

Take care, I am praying for us all.


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Don't know if this is a possibility, but... When Steve was going thru chemo and radiation, he had a lot of discomfort with eating and was losing lots of weight too. No burning in throat, but discomfort lower. We happened to go see our family doc and he gave him Protonix for acid reflux. We were skeptical because the symptoms just didn't seem to fit what we had heard about acid reflux. It worked like a charm and his eating improved immediately. Maybe worth a try???

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