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David A

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Hey, David,

I didn't leave the state either, and I didn't get to go to Ry and John's party. :wink:

Are you feeling down? Because if you are I may have to reactivate the The Chicken Cult of LCSC". And you know what that means....yep....POULTRY, coming to a mailbox near you. Don't make us send in the chickens.....

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IM WITH YOU DAVID! I too, never go ANYWHERE! I think we should team up and steal all of those hall passes, so I dont have to be green with envy everytime someone writes about all there wonderfull trips.... Either that or we will just ground everyone so that they cant go anywhere!


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I have been using my hall pass to attend an accounting conference, "the leading gathering of academic accountants in the country." Believe me, you are having more fun at home.

Except, of course, for the fact that I skip out every afternoon and head to the beach, where I talk to Becky and scavenge for sea shells, and kick seawater on little kids to make them giggle. A couple of days ago a six year old little boy told me more about how to hunt a crab than I would have thought anyone has the right to know. Not that I ever want to hunt crabs. They have never done anything to me.

No, it is a tough life out here in the hall. Enjoy being at home. The beaches of Florida are no place to travel.


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