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Got this from a friend. $500.00

David A

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> >

> > A guy is walking down the street, sees a

>beautiful woman with a very

> > short skirt, approaches her and says, "My


> > you're hot!!! With that look, I've GOT to

>make it with you! I can't help

> > myself, and no matter what, I've GOT to have

> > you!" The woman is very shocked and asks

>him, "What!? HERE? In the

> > middle of the street!?"

> > The guy answers, "I've got to have you now!

>So I'll make you an offer.

> > I'll drop $500 on the sidewalk and, while

>you're picking it up, I will

> > do everything I want. OK?"

> > The lady seems to be in intense thought. Then

>she calls her friend. She

> > tells her friend the story, looking for some

>advice. The friend says,

> > "It's no big problem.

> > When he drops ! the money, you pick up the $500

>fast, and he won't even

> > have time to get his fireman out of his pants

>before you finish picking

> > it up. Just take the money and run!"

> > The next day, the friend sees the woman

>walking like an old woman. The

> > friend asks, "What happened to you!?"

> > The woman answers nervously, "That

>son-of-a-witch dropped $500 in

> > quarters!"






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Somewhat similar but true.

When I took Earl to the ER a little over a month ago, while they were doing an MRI I went looking for a soda machine. Oops I only had a $20.

But, lo and behold, a change machine that said it took $20's.

Yep, I got $20. in quarters. Pocketbook weighed a whole lot more.

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