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very good article on supplements


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Good article.......I think Ive read it before (ive read so much!!). I do have my mom taking mixed carotenoids (beta-carotene, etc.), vitamin C and also Coral calcium, she is feeling great!!! And I figure with being stage IV lung cancer, this can only increase her chances!! I do however only have her take the antioxidants 4 days out of the week just to be safe about interaction with the chemo. I also want her to take vitamin E, have to find a good one. and maybe even grapeseed extract (its a very powerful antioxidant)

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Great article dude! I printed it out and sent it to a few people.

This stuff does actually work, and my mom is living proof. Not only do they have direct tumoricidal effects, but they help stop the cancer from spreading. I found out later on that behind the scenes, they(the Block Center doctors) were documenting the effects of the supplements my mom used. That is why we didn't actually meet the man, Dr. Keith Block himself, until about 3 months into treatment; he conducts all the research behind the scenes.

While we were going there, I read a copy of their publication called 'Integrated Cancer Therapies', and it is very detailed in terms of the type of supplements used for each patient, dosage, prognosis improvement, etc. It is very rigorous and thorough research. It's a shame that more oncologists aren't jumping on the bandwagon. I've met a few patients, including my co-worker's mom(3A), who is also now cured of the disease. She never even lost her hair because of the supplements. Plain and simple, oncologists are behind the times. There is no other place like it. When you first go in there, you don't feel like you're walking into a hospital. They are the Men In Black of oncology; they know what's REALLY going on.

Granted, my mom did not have any discernable tumours, but malignant pleural effusion generally indicates late-stage widespread disease. Having cancer cells swimming in a liquid medium cannot be good. After 6 months on the chemo/supplements combination, the surgeon removed her right pleura, there were no cancer cells to be found. Food for thought.

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Thank you John for your always valuable information. I've just come back to this and although it is a lot to read and digest, you can browse and go to other sections of interest. Much better to read this now than later and bookmark for future reference. Could make a big difference in your survival.

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