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lab results from integrative medicine clinic

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Hi everyone,

At long last (60+days), I have my lab results back from the Block Clinic.

Interesting, to say the least. Overall, they were very good.....My Vit C and Vit E levels were good, my chloryphyl was really good (must be those Green Earth Foods tabs I take every day).

On the other hand, I was too high in Vit A.....I have to cut back on the anti-oxidant I've been taking. I was taking 3 a day as the dosage, but now I'm only going to take one and then supplement with extra COQ10 to get the daily dose of that.

Like I said, these tests are 60 days old, which is before I started eating differently based on their recommendations. Some of the tests indicate some cardiac risk elevation ?????????? More exercise, and weight loss are the recommendations there.

Took that saliva test and I'm high on melatonin in the am and low in the pm, which is exactly the opposite, so my circadian rhythms are off somehow.

Other than that, though, things look pretty good right now.

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