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chemo/radiation inquiry


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For those of you with early stage who also were recommended either chemo or radiation, I'd like to know how many radiation treatments were recommended, either alone or in conjunction with chemo treatments. Thanks for your feedback!

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Guest waiting_wondering

After my surgery it was recommended that I receive 30 treatments. That consisted of everyday visits M-F for 6 weeks. However, the area they were treating was the mediastinum and I got a bad case of esophogitis. After a couple of weeks it felt as though I was trying to swallow a steak knife when all I was trying to do was swallow my own spit!! I skipped two treatments at that time. One reason was I only weighed 96 pounds when I started and in those four days I lost 4 pounds. My rad onc decided to change the direction of the delivery of the radiation from straight down to a 30 degree angle. Was tolerated much better. Finished without anymore side effects other than fatigue. Hope this helps.

Take Care and Godspeed,


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My Chemo/Radiation treatments were six sessions of carboplatin/vp16 and 35 days of radiation at the same time. I then had a right middle lobectomy with 15 days of PCI after the surgery. I have been "clean" for 3 years. I hope this helps with your decision.


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As you can see from my bio I had both radiation and chemo. I had only 3 sessions of chemo (each being three days) over 9 weeks. Then I had 37 radiation treatments to the mediastinum. My throat was also very sore but the magic mouthwash helped. My only bad side effect was fatigue and that lasted a couple of months after treatment.


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