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Know anyone with some clout?


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I have been reading CAT's story and my heart breaks for her. It has me thinking. Right now we can all do what we can to help but what about in the future when someone has a problem and needs immediate help?

If there is anyone who knows someone who has some clout or a lot of influence we need them here. Can't we start a recruitment campagne to try to get at least one or more people that can get things done in a hurry to join us. If we can find them we can ask that they become a member here with us. There has to be someone out there that has someone who is battling this now or who has lost someone to lung cancer. Someone we could turn to in a crisis.

I keep remembering that last frightening weekend with Johnny. If I would have had someone to call when that doctor refused to treat him or when they gave him those drugs that messed him up I may have been able to save him. So I am asking please everyone think of the people you know and try to remember if there is anyone who may be able to become a part of our group and give us the clout we need when someone is in a desperate situation.

It may not work but I feel it is worth a try. Lillian

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Lillian, I don't have any clout, but have a mouth and fingers to type. Senator Graham is my Senator also and I will be glad to help in a letter writing campaign to Cat's first oncologist. Cat could you PM any of us that are willing to write, you first and last name?

I see Shelly also started a thread about this. Here is the regional office address to her U.S. Senator.

The Honorable Senator Bob Graham

150 Americas Center

150 Southeast Second Avenue, Suite 1025

Miami, FL 33131

or he can be emailed through this link:



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Senator Graham's fax number is 1-850-894-3222

His address in Tallahassee (main office) is:

The Honorable Bob Graham

2252 Killearn Center Boulevard, Suite 300

Tallahassee, Florida 32309

Thank you thank you thank you anyone willing to help me.


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