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Current Cancer Legislation - Lance Armstrong Foundation

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Thanks for the great link Cat!! That will help a lot of people to write and be an avocate. I hope you know that we are all in your corner and are willing to help in any way we can. Please think hard about you options as far as housing and financial problems. As far as helping you in other ways just point me the way and I am on it!!

Love you and Bless you,


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The current legislation is for support mainly for cancer survivors. Unfortunatley, as many of us know, there are too few lung cancer survivors. However, we also need to urge support of that legislation, too, as we DO have survivors!!!!

Ps. I mean survivors to mean as the legislation means--people who survive 5 years past DX. or the end of treatment. I know how we define survivor here.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

And you know what, that's not going to change unless we take action and do a "in your face" to our legislators. And Aunt Minerva isn't going to do it for us. We are the ones who want to survive and want our loved ones to survive. But as to other legislation on cancer that doesn't directly affect us, I say support all people and their families who are afflicted with cancer. We want compassion, don't we? Then we need to give it to others or it will never come to us.



More on cancer legislation on Capitol Hill


Click on whatever bill/act and you will find the person who introduced it.

HCR 322 - National Lung Cancer Awareness Month

* A concurrent resolution introduced by Representative Clay Shaw (R-FL) on November 6, 2003 that designates the month of November as "National Lung Cancer Awareness Month" and expresses the need for an increase in Federal effort for lung cancer screening and research

* Referred to House Committee on Energy and Commerce on November 6, 2003

The best thing to do is to write not only your congressional reps but the U.S. Senators for your state. Invite them here. You want financial help? Well our donations are almost invisible compared to the need. We must be heard at a local, state and federal level.

Just open your mouth. Write a letter. If you're a good talker (unlike me–sigh) call the local media. Write to the major television stations. Have a sad story? Let them know.

I would really appreciate it if those who are writing senators, etc. would post that they did. And thanks so much for the people who already have. :-) I will try to write the senators in every other states not represented by one of us. I may die from this disease but I'm going out screaming like a banshee. People are going to know about it.

Speak out.


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Thanks Cat for finding that other legislation about November--. I agree. I have written several times since my DX.

One thing people need to remember, that I posted on the activism forum--is that you when you write you need to be specific about exactly what you want the congressperson to do. You also need to tie your letter into your PERSONAL story. These people get letters of rheteric by the hundreds and possibly thousands daily. Rheteric, alone, will not catch their attention.

You don't have to write your whole Bio- or anything. But you must be clear about what you want and why it is important to PEOPLE, using your personal connection to show that.

I have some close ties with Dashchle, but I dont live in South Dakota any longer. I have written him and he has replied. I will write him again about the November Awarenes Month.

As far as helping Cat, personally, letters to her own Congress people are the way to go. It is highly unlikely that she can be helped personally by anyone other than her own representatives. However, if there is legislation that could help her then by all means, all reps can help.

love and fortitude


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