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Just wanted to say a quick hello to all you nice people. I just finished a 2 week hospital stay and am just feeling up to going through emails, etc. I finished my dreaded radiation 7/7/04 - and was doing fine, throat was healing when bam, had problems breathing, etc. My onc saw me for 2 minutes and said I had radiation-induced pneumonitis and put me on Levaqauin and steriods. I got worse - went back. Saw a different onc and he sent me straight to hospital, wouldn't even let me go home first even though I whined. I ended up with asthma, COPD, mild emphysema and some weird a-typical strain of TB - they're still waiting to find out the "DNA" of the bug. I now get to add an "infection disease doctor" to my list of specialists. For some reason, after fighting high BP for 24 years, my bp went so low they had to give me sodium chloride to bring it up a little so they took me off all my BP meds. That was (and is) weird. I've noticed my BP coming up since I got home so I'll probably be back on my meds again soon. I had another bronscopy(?) which showed the 4 little "growths" on my right lung that had been there since day one were not maligent. (I can't spell). I didn't think they were since everything else shrunk w/chemo but they wanted to make sure. Lung cat scan showed NED - so if I can get some wind back, I'll feel pretty darn lucky. The shortness of breath is very frustrating as I can't do or talk much. Those TB meds they had me on messed up my red and white cell counts so maybe that's causing some of the SOB.

It sure takes a while to catch up with everyone and everything after being gone for so long - I am so happy to see so many of the same people here, posting and giving their continued support and caring. (I cried a lot about Mo though).

God bless each and everyone of you - and I hope to stay out of the hospital and get back to my normal schedule.

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It is so good to see you posting! I am sorry you have had such a rough time. NED is wonderful news though isn't it! I'm doing a happy dance for that! Blood counts will go back up with time, so just hang in there, it is a slow process. I think the worse thing about this is you go in with 1 thing (LC) and end up with 3 or 4 more diseases to deal with. Sometimes I wonder if I will every get better! Anyhow Hugs and prayers going out for you and continued NED status!



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That is great news, Sharlene! Lucie got a staph infection two months arfter diagnosis, and just as she was starting chemo and radiation.. It went systemic and her bp dropped dangerously low. She had every kind of specialist looking at her, and, as you, we picked up an infectious disease doctor. Glad you got through all of that. Don

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Geez, Shar...what an ordeal you've been through, eh? But with the bottom line of NED....I'd say that's cause for some celebration!!

I sure hope your breathing gets easier and your b.p. gets squared away...but meanwhile, you enjoy hanging out with NED, ya hear!? :wink: Hope to hear you're feeling better, day by day...and glad you're back home and back here with us!

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