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Hi folks,

I've had a hard time posting the last few days and goodness knows I saw a few posts that I wanted to respond to...

In the end though, I just wanted to send a positive message to everyone out there. So many of us are going through difficult times and too often, we find ourselves searching for a little solace/peace. Everytime I leave my Mom, for example, I know she wonders if it's for the last time. It breaks my heart and makes me ache for her.

FYI - She's doing well and on her way to the Maritimes for a well-deserved vacation - but it's hard nonetheless. The uncertainty is probably the most difficult thing of all for me personally.

If you feel like it this morning... Turn your faces to the sun/clouds/rain... Breathe the fresh air in and be grateful for the day and all it will bring. I send you hugs, goodwill and prayers for a great day in the midst of all the chaos that our lives can be!

Kel M

P.S. Caregives/loved ones - try to treat yourselves once in a while - it doesn't have to be fancy - but take a little time out to care for yourselves (eg. read a chapter (or 10) of an interesting book; go get an ice cream, sit on a park bench and people watch; get a pedicure or a cut and style; drink a beer and shoot the breeze with your favourite buds). You can do it and you'll be amazed at the perspective it brings! :D

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What a refreshing post!! Thank you.

I know how you are feeling about it being the last time you may see her as I felt the same way when I would leave my Brother. Give her all the love you can and pray for that next time. Theres not much more we can do. You are in my prayers.

God Bless You,


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It isn't just caregivers, but all of us need to remember we're living with cancer but cancer is NOT the focus of our lives... we have to come up for air every once in a while and smell the roses, lest we forget what we're trying to live FOR....

Thanks, Kel, for a timely reminder.


Prayers always,


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What a nice post. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope your mom is doing well. You know, we should all leave loving thoughts when we leave our family and friends, as if that could be the last time. Every time I talk to one of my sons on the phone or when they leave my house, I always say "I Love You." I just think that should anything happen to either of us, they will know things were good with us and know how much I love them.

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