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Nancy B, how are you doing??


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Been thinking of you...hoping your weepies of last week are long gone by now, and that you're feeling more in a "let's kick cancer's butt" mode again. :)

How are your blood counts? Did they come up some? Please tell us you're feeling and doing better!

I just finished He## Week myself, last week. Chemo, daily radiation plus daily shot of amifostine, the dentist, an ultrasound AND both Neulasta and Aranesp shots on Friday. I started urping in the car on the way home on Friday! :roll::oops: As you might imagine, I dissolved into some weepies again myself over the weekend. Sometimes the body just feels all beat up from treatment, eh?

I am hoping you're well past how you were feeling before and are back on track, positive attitude in place. Give us a shout and let us know...ok?

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Hi Addie,

Going in for my 3rd chemo cycle today. The week before is my best week as far as feeling like doing anything so I try to get as much done as possible. I did get through the weepies and have to admit I am just alittle embarrassed. There are so many people here dealing with much worse stuff.

Hope you are feeling better Addie, thanks for looking after me. Off to chemo - take care.


Nancy B

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Geez Nancy please don't be embarassed about getting the weepies. You need to let it out sometimes. Everyone does. You're human, right? :-D


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You know, this cancer row is a tough one to hoe....no matter what. No embarrassment needed by anyone, because we all have our own limits or personal bugaboos that will get to us.....NOT TO MENTION never being sure how the various drugs will impact us.

Yup, that last week before a new chemo cycle is always the best. I feel most energetic AND most hungry. But the first few days after a chemo cycle it's becoming a bit harder to bounce right back. Buildup of all that toxic waste, I suppose. :roll:

Mrs. D., with whom I shared a radiation time frame up until last Friday when she "graduated" :wink: ....used to call the chemo/radiation combo the "rat poison and microwave bit". Made me chuckle every time.

I've got two more days in the microwave and then I'll most assuredly be "perfectly overdone"! :wink::D

It struck me today that I've not been to T.J. Maxx since radiation began!! Can you imagine the sheer deprivation of THAT? :shock:

By this weekend....guaranteed....I will be strolling the aisles of TJM and enjoying myself thoroughly. I may even part with a little money if I find something I can't live without.

Hope your chemo week goes well Nancy, and that the effect pass quickly. Do you have a TJM in your area? I recommend its therapeutic benefits! :D

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