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Dads gonna see the Bears afterall!


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Hi everyone! First off, just wanted to apologize for not replying to anyones posts really. (HUGE remodeling project at home & kids are home from summer camp).

I thought that I would write to tell everyone that my dad is doing well these days. Its been 6 weeks since his surgery, and seems to be healing well. Only complaint is of the fluid/air bubble on his back (he calls it his boob :roll: ). Its just now starting to go down and deflate a little. Before it used to be a big hard lump right behind his armpit. Now its loose and actully deflates itself when he lays on it. Its weird though cause if its deflated and you put your hand on it and he coughs, it pops back out and stays there till the next time he lays on it! Very strange...

The best news is that he WILL BE GOING TO SEE THE BEARS. If anyone remembers before surgery it was his goal to be better by July 30th to go see the Chicago Bears train in Burbonais Illinois. He goes every year. He didnt make it and was SOOOO disappointed. He decided that he feels well enough now to have a good time, so is going for the last training weekend this Fri! Im glad he is going, hes been pretty depressed all shut in and in pain, having some insurance problems, and all in all just getting cabin fever. I hope this trip will cheer him up!

Just thought Id give a quick update. I havent posted about my dad in a few weeks....


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