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Apologizing ahead of time


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I just want to make sure everyone knows ahead of time what is going on if I am remiss in responding to any posts.

Starting a new job and trying to juggle everything else that I am envolved it is taking some adjusting. It is well over 100 degrees here and I have been a night person ever sense Johnny's death. Even my last job was at night. Now I am learning how to go to bed before one or two am and it is not easy :!:

I try to read every new post at least once a day. I want to keep up with everyone. I just may take a while before I respond to too many. I want everyone to know that everyday you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I rejoice when there is good news and pray when someone is facing a proceedure or test. I grieve with those of you who are greiving. So please know that you are on my mind and in my prayers even if I don't say so with each new post. In time I am hoping to get myself on a normal schedule again then I will be more active here.

It is amazing that so many people I have never met have become so dear to me. I think a lot of the reason for that is because Lung Cancer not only gives us so much in common but because most of the rest of the world seems to distance themselves once lung cancer is mentioned.

So bless all of you and keep your health and your hearts in good condition. I am still waiting to hear about Kieth. Hopefully he is doing well and Carleen just has no way to post. Someone else mentioned Grumpy One Lung. I'm wondering about him too. I know there are several others who haven't posted lately but their names have slipped my mind for the moment. Anyone who is MIA and reads this please let your FAMILY here know how you are doing. We all tend to worry.

Bless all of you. Lillian

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