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David A


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Truly and very very sorry about this (David A) news. Please see Obituary.

I am so sad to inform you that my precious brother David A died Monday August 9, 2004 at UM Hospital.

I'm so very very sorry to hear of the passing of your brother David. Please except my sincere condolence to You, David's Wife, Children, Mother, Family and Friends. Rich

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David's brother-in-law called me this morning to tell me David passed away last night. He died from bleeding due to the procedure. They will all be attending his grandmother's funeral today. He said he would call when they knew what the arrangements would be.

This is a very sad day.


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There is so much going through my head right now regarding this terrible news. I cannot imagine what this family must be going through! Attending a funeral for a grandmother today while planning for yet another. Just yesterday, I replied to one of David's posts about the death of his dog. Someone posted the Rainbow Bridge poem in another reply. In my mind, I keep seeing David and his beloved companion of 11 years, reunited at the Rainbow Bridge! I have been praying so hard for David and now will certainly continue those prayers...now asking God to help guide his family through this tragedy! These poor boys...within days they have lost a great grandmother, a beloved pet and now their Dad.

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I was so pleased to meet David at the Michigan Party. Always enjoyed his witty posts & advice. I pray for you & your family, Davids family & all his friends and please know that he is now free of pain and will be watching over his loved ones.


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I've just returned from vacation to the horrible shock of the loss of DavidA. My heart goes out to his family, especially his children who have lost so many loved ones in just a matter of days. My heart goes out to all of US, too, who loved DavidA and his great sense of humor and enthusiasm for life. As TBone said, Praying for us all,


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