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LET'S DO IT!!!!!


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It's time for everyone to pitch in and write letters or emails. I have sent emails to my representatives in Tennessee and to Pres. Bush. I used the Lance Armstrong site to send the emails (http://capwiz.com/laf/home/ ). They have it automated for you. What other states have we got covered?

To help out, I am copying the text of my emails. It is similar to Cat's...I added something about the stigma of lung cancer. See below:

Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in both men and women in the

United States. I am inviting you to visit our lung cancer support group.

http://www.lchelp.com. Please come & see the pain these people are

undergoing because lung cancer research is so underfunded and because of

negative remarks and actions from others, including doctors, who appear to

believe they caused their own cancer.

Many people suffer from all kinds of diseases/accidents that are partially

self-inflicted such as heart disease, stroke, accidents, etc. They are

not ostracized the way lung cancer patients have been. More people die of

lung cancer than breast, colon and prostate combined. Please consider

helping all of us as we struggle with this disease by sponsoring

legislation to increase funding for lung cancer.

We need your help, all 1400 of us in the lung cancer support community and

the 170,000 that will die this year alone.

We would love to have you drop by our board. Chat nights are currently

scheduled on Friday nights and can be accessed by reading the main page.

These are interactive chats and your participation would be so welcome.

Thank you and God Bless!


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Have written their representatives/president/etc.!

Tina (tnmynatt) - Tennessee

Bruce (luvmydog2) - Tennessee

Jane (Fall54) - New Hampshire

JaneC - Missourri

Haylee - Ohio

Teresa - Oregon

Rachel - Alaska

Elaine - Kansas & Senator Minority Daschle (SD) Good idea!

Kelly - Pennyslvania

Gina (Pecola) - Florida

Cat (bean_si) Florida

Ellen - Connecticut

Joyce (SJAS) - California

Have written Senator Graham (Fl) on my problem:

Bruce (luvmydog2)




Jane (Fall54)

Ellen (elnodel)

Willing to Be on Oprah (Oprah doesn't know this yet. ha ha ha)

Heather (Hebbie) for non-smokers

Cat (bean_si) for former smokers

Who have I missed? I thought there were more.

Hey, that's pretty good for just a couple days work!!!


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I sent letters to every congress person from my area several months ago, also President Bush, Mrs. Bush (First Ladies need to have special projects, right :wink: ), Governor Arnold (yes, we do just use his first name - who can spell his last!!). However, I think it's time for an update, so count me in on some more letters to Californians.

I also recruited family members in other states to write letters or e-mail. People kept asking how they could help and I told them that this was one way. I e-mailed them names and addresses of their reps and some possible form letters. I used facts from the Alcase Statement to Congress (http://www.alcase.org/advocacy/alcase_washington2.html) and an excellent article from Nov. 30, 2003 Atlanta Journal "The Outcast Disease" (everyone I show these to are speechless). Then I added a bit about our own struggle. If anyone wants a copy of some of the letters I sent, just PM me.

Just had one more thought. Years ago during our fellowship hour after church, we would have a table set up to write letters for Amnesty International. We would have some form letters people could just sign, or writing paper for those wanting a more personal appeal. Why not do something similar for lc in our religious settings or social/service clubs?

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm taking a break from the board. Maybe a week - I'm not sure. All the deaths recently and the worsening health of others along with my feeling sick is getting to me.

However I will be writing senators, magazines, CNN, anyone I can think of to hear our story. In the last few minutes, I've revised my Oprah letter so it would appeal to most any health magazine. This is the one based on my experience.

Since I went on disability I haven't been buying any magazines. I would really appreciate it if you could post here for others AND send me the addresses to any magazine you have in the house that remotely might consider such an article.

I may not be on board but I'll still be on board. :D

P. S. Tuesday back to new onc and 3 months tests begins then or soon after. Prayers appreciated.


4:15 a.m. EST

Okay, I've contacted CBS, CBSNews, 48 hours, 60 minutes, 60 minutes II, MSNBC Health and CNN Health.

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Arkansas is covered. Just saw this post yesterday and today I sent emails to Mark Pryor, Vic Snyder, Blanche Lincoln and President Bush. Am also going to recommend people on some of the other boards take a look see over here in case they'd like to participate. If they're like me, they've been too busy reading about symptoms, trials, tests, what do I do now posts to think about checking this category.


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