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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I doubt the lab bills of over $2000 would have been paid if I had not called in Congressman Wexler and Senator Bob Graham.

I doubt that miserable oncologist would have stopped threatening me and finally filled out the form stating that I was disabled if it were not for Congressman Wexler and Senator Bob Graham.

Tina, it's right: Let's Do It. It makes a difference.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your loved ones. Do it in memory of those who have left us because of this beast of a disease.

Do it for THIS family.


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People have asked what they can do to help after the passing of David A. One way to help is by writing letters and emails. You can cut and paste from several different sources on this board--see the Activism forum. Please help all lung cancer survivors by getting the word out in a concerted effort. Take care.


P. S. I have never been an advocate for anything. But, the loss of several active members of this board in the last 10 days has got my a** in gear. Please don't be afraid to ask. Ask and you will receive.

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