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Annonymous- wants to match donations


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LCSC has received a recent donation from a donor who I think wants to remain annonymous (If I'm wrong, PM me)

He is also willing to match any donation up to $500.00 and ask that I post this on the message board.



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Dear Katie and All,

I have decided that every two months I am going to send to LCSC a $100.00 donation for all our wonderful friends and family that we have lost to LC. (exp) I have sent a $100.00 for July and Aug and that will be for those that we lost during those months, Etc... I have shared with Katie that she or Rickey may post this every two months to the board. I feel by doing it this way, I leave no Warrior behind or forgotten. I miss all our wonderful friends that we have lost over the last + years of being a part of LCSC.

My love and support to All,

Connie B.

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I'm just back from our Chapman Family vacation, and reading over 250 posts since I've been gone... So much sad news, and this was a very welcome piece of good news! For what time period is the matching gift good? (until when?) Thank you so much, anonymous matching gift donor -- and all of you who will make gifts to take advantage of this. What a great thing!


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Thank you Matcher!

I have an idea for when people should donate. I find myself doing this,the old Jewish kunahurah thing. When my mom was told she could get surgery, I donated; clean scan I donated. Basically when you get good news, send in money to celebrate! :)

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WOW....a total of $500 has been collected!!

Either as a donation gift or an "In memory Of" donation, we have reached the challenge!

"ANNONYMOUS"....you did a great thing.

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