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Update on mom again...


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Okay, I know I am always telling you guys when my mom is doing well, but today she is doing REALLY WELL!!! As a matter of fact, she has NO PAIN in her shoulder, without too many meds, and she has cleaned her kitchen, scrubbed her floors, and cleaned the coffee pot (Took it apart etc...). Its so good to see her be able to do the things she has done in the past and being able to do it without getting sick or tired. I am just thrilled.

For those who know...my air conditioner is fixed, and my car is fixed. Whew. Like a load off of my back this week.

May God continue to bless us all, and keep us all and loved ones in good health and happiness.

Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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I don't thing it is possible to post TOO MUCH GOOD NEWS! Keep it coming, girl. It's also nice to hear from time to time that things are normal in other areas of our lives, too, such as cars, coffee pots, and conditioners. Way to go!

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I would say your mom is doing GREAT. In fact, I got tired just reading about all that she is doing, and I'm not even a LC Warrior, just a caregiver. I don't think I could do all that :!::!::lol::lol:

Keep posting the good news... it is what brightens my days. Tiny's right, there is no such thing as too much good news.


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Guest bessb

You are the second good news message I have read today, there has to be one more to make it three! So happy for your mom and you! God is good.

Keep it coming God

Bess b

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Rana, wonderful news! I had to chuckle at your note, because Lucie and I are also trying to get "normal" things done while in this storm. We have had bars put up in our bathrooms to help Lucie (and me, too). My older son berated us for not having digital cell phones. We had analog phones that were ancient. Well, we went out today and got us both matching digital cell phones. Welcome to the 21st century. Don & Lucie! Yep, we have to get these menial things done as well. Actually, it's fun doing things that don't have anything to do with the cancer. Blessings. Don

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