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Blood-Tinged Sputum Worse


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Anybody out there ( patient or caregiver ) familiar with this symptom and it's typical presentation during the course of chemotherapy ? My wife begins chemo cycle # 3 on 8/16. This symptom suddenly started worsening a few days ago. More red color and quantity to the sputum. Not severe enough to concern the oncologist but I'm sensitive to seeing any symptom getting worse. To confuse matters further, her other lung symptom ( involuntary gasp ) has NOT gotten worse. Maybe even slightly better.

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Obviously I am no expert having done no chemo, but it could well be that the blood is in response to the tumor breaking up due to the chemo. I think someone once posted that on here once.

Ask the Dr. if that is possible.


Elaine :

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the oncologist did mention to us on our very first visit that the blood-tinged sputum symptom may get worse. He said that this worsening may either indicate a worsening of the tumor ( BAD ) or a breaking up of the tumor ( GOOD ). Talk about leaving us hanging ! BTW, the nurse oncologist told us yesterday that the oncologist will most likely not order any lung testing ( PetScan. etc. ) until after the 3rd or 4th chemo cycle has been completed.

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Guest Phyllis

I have had extensive treatment and with almost all of it I have had some blood from my lungs. One doctor said until it got to be 16 oz. he would not worry. Another said as long as it is less than a couple of tablespoon full than he wouldn't worry. The nurse told me to make note of it, how much, was it bright red (meaning fresh) or dark and dried up (old blood). I thought it was that with Carboplatin that blood was not uncommon. Anyway I always tell my doctor and it sounds like you need to read up on the side effects of the drugs you are currently on.

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