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thanks to all for the prayers...still have questions


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i wanted to say a big thanks to those the responded to my post. i'm still on edge from everything going on, but it is always good to hear from you all. my mom's doctor is suggesting that she starts wbr on monday, 5 days/week for 3 weeks. i'm really worried because not only is she going to have to endure those treatments, but her last pet/ct scan (almost two weeks ago) showed that her cancer is on the move now. so i am just worried about her not having any sort of treatment for the lung cancer itself during this extended period (her last round of chemo was in the middle of june). it's so hard to think that even the brain mets are the "least" of her concerns when it comes to this disease. i'm trying to find out if there are any alternatives to the wbr (i.e. a clinical trial with a combo of meds and less wbr), but i've kinda hit a wall (thanks to john for your response to my pm, by the way). i've heard that at some hospitals, people with up to a dozen brain mets have been treated with the gamma knife, but i can't find real research on what the limits are (i.e. the max number of mets you can have to be considered for the procedure). i just have this feeling that the wbr is not completely necessary yet for my mom (call it a weird gut instinct), but i'm not a doctor or anything, so i don't know what to do (i don't really have any alternative methods to present). and we don't exactly have time on our side right now, so i'm trying to find as much info as i can during the weekend. if anyone has any suggestions or comments or links to anything remotely related, i would be deeply appreciative. thanks for listening once again. take care, and God bless.


p.s. i've read from others' posts that people really had a difficult time while on decatron (the steroid). my mother is taking 4mg/4 times a day, but she seems to be doing fine (thank God). the headaches are gone, and she's still walking around, cooking, etc. she seems a bit more tired than usual, but she's been that way since her last chemo treatment in june (the doc speculated that it's because the last round of chemo--carbo/taxol--has not been working). i wanted to see if anyone else has had this experience too (and if it means anything). i'm just always on edge about seeing how negative the drugs/treatments can be. i guess i have always been somewhat of a pessimist, but i guess God put me in this whole situation to make an optomist out of me. :wink: <--see, still have that inkling of a sense of humor.

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