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Bob has a question...


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We were at his house tonight visiting, and he wondered if anyone here could tell him what a needle biopsy of the lumbar would be like? Is it a spinal tap? And he asked if someone could give a summary of the procedure. He is seeing an orthopedic surgeon for this. The doc is saying there is "something" there, but not sure what.

Thanks for your help


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My Husband had a "growth" on his spine and they did a needle biopsy on his lower back. They completely knocked him out, cut a little patch out of his back and inserted the needle through the bone.

He felt nothing! And what the Dr's thought was bone cancer turned out to be "armor plating" growing around his spine. None of the Dr's had ever seen anything like it, in fact he was added to the medical books or this. None of the teaching hospitals had seen anything like it.

He went on to have disc surgery and they cut all the "armor plating" away.

Good luck, you shouldn't feel a thing!

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