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Those who had back pain as a symptom....


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could you describe what kind of back pain it was? Was it the whole back, and present for a long time, or localized shooting pains?

I have developed some severe back pain (almost makes me nauseous) and today I have stabbing shooting pains in the right upper/mid back ...and I'm scared it may be my lung. Any info would be very helpful.


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Hubby's pain started in the shoulder, we thought it was a rotator cup. It was nearly constant, like pressure. Then it moved under his shoulder blade, near upper mid-back with shooting pains down his arm. The under-the- shoulder pain was pretty much where his tumor was in the lung.

I have back and shoulder pain, too, and my tests are clear, so you really do need checked out to know.

Best Wishes.

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I would see a general practitioner first.

I saw an orthopedic doctor first, who picked up on a mildly sprained muscle, told me the pain was not as bad as I felt it to be, and refused me an x ray several times. This was TWO YEARS before diagnosis, and the tumor could be felt by the physical therapist under the muscle.

And don't let them tell you , oh, you're too young, blah ....

Check it out. Pref an Xray would let you know if you're clear or not.

Just my two cents.


Prayers always,


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Back/shoulder pain can be symptomatic of soooooooo many different things.....you really need to get it checked out before jumping to conclusions.

I did have right shoulder pain which seemed to settle under my shoulder pain....would progressively get worse thru-out the day, and nothing seemed to alleviate it. Being the smart nurse that i was, I ignored it...kept thinking it would go away.......yeah, right.

About a month later i developed severe shortness of breath and wheezing....DID have that checked out....and was then dx with SCLC...seems the shoulder pain was right about where the tumors were in my lung. Once I started chemo., the pain resolved.

Lesson is.....don't procrastinate....check things out as soon as you can.

Best wishes to you.......Mary :)

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my pain has gotten better over the last few days, although it got worse before it got better, but my upper stomach was also hurting right under the ribcage and then it all got better at once, so I think I may be dealing with a gallbladder crisis. Going to the dr to get it checked out.

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