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Awareness and Activism (re OPRAH)


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I've been following the post "who wants to be on Oprah" after I had posted on 8/10/04 in the Activism Forum that I had submitted a show idea to the Oprah show (see post for exact content of the post and submission). I know others have submitted to her show in the past as well. When I submitted I was somewhat hesitant about speaking for the group but I just felt so strongly that the message needed to get out.

I agree no one group (young, old, male, female, smoker, non-smoker) is more important than another but the message needs to be tailored to the audience.

Because this is such an important issue, I think we can and should act individually but as a group I think we will be more effective if we coordinate efforts. Ginny mentioned having the board approve these efforts (press releases, etc.) if people are speaking/submitting on behalf of LCSC. I think that sounds reasonable or have the board appoint a group to direct these efforts. I think our group brings a unique perspective to the issue in addition to ALCASE and WALC.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Good thinking! Hopefully I'll remember this. :(

Seriously, we do need to coordinate. What do you think about:

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=10045 The post from 8/12 at 6 a.m.

Could we have an individual from each subgroup (former smokers, smokers, etc.) submit a request to Oprah based on their experience? That way, with more submissions, we'd have more of a chance of getting her attention and each subgroup would feel that had been represented.

Or would this be considered dividing us further?

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Guest draiocht_bean_si

Tina - what a great idea!

Holy Cow - if we could get a hundred letters - or more - it would darn sure get their attention.

Count me in!


Later: Oh wait - she doesn't accept mailed letters. No wait - there has to be an address in her magazine for submissions (to editors). There always is. Does anyone have a copy of O?

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Thanks for asking. He isn't doing very well. He has no energy...I think he may be getting depressed. I starting to wonder if he is going to pull back out of this. He has always been very strong and positive.

I am trying to work since I am self-employed and don't get paid unless I work. But, it has been very difficult this week. Our daughter dislocated her kneecap in a soccer scrimmage last night just to add a little more excitement to our lives. She has to be in a leg brace for the next 3 weeks. What a bummer for her in her senior year of high school. Pity party is over!

I want to see the Oprah initiative succeed. Let me know if I can help in some other way. Take care and God Bless!

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