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State of Emergency- Non Cancer

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Please keep all of us here in Florida in your prayers! Charley will now be a category 4 when it hits land. My county is under tornado watch until 2am. Two of my sons are in Orlando and are going to stay there rather than travel on the roads. Some tornadoes have already hit in neighboring areas! Please pray for us all! I know there are some people on this board that are always in close touch to God!!!!! Cat, Betty, pecola and all...please take care. I will be praying for your safety!!!

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Its all over now down around Ft Myers. I have been praying for all of you in florida all day and can't wait to hear from all of you. Let us know you are safe. Probably some power outages and may be a while before we hear from all of you but asap please?


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So good to hear you're safe! Hope everyone else down there is as well -- the broadcasts this morning were quite startling.

Now we're waiting for a somewhat chastened Charley to visit us tonight and tomorrow -- just lots of rain and some wind. Hope it's not too bad -- son, daughter-in-law and little Kaya are driving here tomorrow (Kaya is staying with us for two weeks, the annual end-of-summer grandparent visit!).


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bean-si.....so glad you're safe & sound. Saw footage of Punta Gorda this AM--what devastation! Those poor people.....

My son's in Camp LeJeune....should be feeling some of Charley's effect today.....by the time it gets up my way it should just be a tropical depression....

Glad to hear from you........Mary

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Thanks for all your prayers!!! We had some high winds and some power outage and were scared silly from tornadoes that came very close but...all is fine here today. Both sons that live in Orlando had property damage but are fine. Thank God for cell phones. Had I not have been able to contact them last night as this storm was passing by them, I would have been frantic.

So glad to hear all my other Florida LCSC friends are safe. Now, you guys will just have to keep on praying for us, as forecasters are predicting this new storm will follow the same path and we could see results as early as Tuesday afternoon!!!

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Well finally I feel like I have rejoined civilization! It's 5 days after Charley and we just got power back early today and cable about 12 hours later. Glad to see every one else faired well. We had some minor property damage, but many of our neighbors didn't do so well. My daughter's apartment complex is really bad, but all in all we feel so fortunate. The worst of it for us was that it was impossible to find gasoline, ice, or water for the first 3 days in our county and 5 days without power in 95 % humidity and temperatures in the 90's will make people a tad bit crazy though :) .

My husband and I honeymooned in Sanibel and Captiva Islands and we just saw on the news that 75% of the homes were possibly a loss. Captiva is now 2 islands since Charley. I'm feeling really grateful though and praying for those southwest of us who took the full force of the storm.


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