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Another getting to know you thing.


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You know, I really enjoyed reading all of the replies to the user/nickname question, so I'm thinking that maybe I could come up with a question every now and then to get to know everyone a bit more...so, here's the question:

If a movie were going to be made about you, what would the title be and who would you cast in it... Goofy question, I know, just curious...

Ok, I'll start. I think that I would title my movie something like :

"Perfection is the Devils Word...So I don't try" (its sort of become my mantra-I never believed in perfection, and stopped striving for it a long time ago).

The cast??? Hmmmm. I'd love to cast 'up' for my role-you know-someone georgous, but it wouldn't fit-so I'd say Tracy Ullman...she is such an amazing actress, can do any accent and is good at the self-depricating thing (which is very me)or the one who plays Debra on Everybody loves Raymond, the attitude and impatience is also me :oops: ). For an older me, I would say Shirley McClaine (I LOVE HER!!!) but I'm 36, so theres time for that.

My husband-the lead guy from King of Queens, but he'd have to loose a little weight...the personality thing fits a bit.

My mom-the mom from Everybody loves Raymond (shes got the passive-aggressive thing down to perfection!

My Dad-Leonard Nimoy, I always thought my dad looked like a cross between Lenoard Nimoy and George Harrison.

My sister-I'll have to think about that one...

My father in law-Ross Perot (business man/wanna be president), he LOOKS just like him, and the accent is a good match, too.

Well, thats it, for now...if I come up with changes, I'll add them.

Weird post, probably...but hopefully it will get some responses...Take care, Deb

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Deb, what planet is your hearing aid tuned to? WHERE do you get these things?

My life story...."Vini, Vidi, Vici" (I came, I saw, I kicked a**)

The cast?

Me - Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) or the girl from "Pirates of the Caribbean". They both kick butt, and I LOVE the non-girly-girl that kicked pirate/ghost butt!

Hubby - Tom Selleck. There IS a resemblence..

Andrew - That kid from Tim Allen's "Home Improvement" - the blonde that went on to be the voice of Simba on "The Lion King"

Mom - June Cleaver

Dad - Al Bundy or Cliff from "Cheers"

Don't know how much further to cast...sounds pretty well rounded... Throw in some humor from "Girls Night Out" seasoned will with the "you might be a redneck" tones and there you have it!

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Okay, I love surveys too!

Title: It's a Wonderful Life - hard to believe I would say that under the circumstances, but I have been blessed with 26 years with my very best friend.

Me: Stephanie Powers - Earl's favorite so of course I want her to play me.

Earl: Brian Denahy - people always said Earl looked like him.

Dad: Gregory Peck - as he was in To Kill a Mockingbird

Mother: I am having a senior moment trying to think of a senior woman.

Children: Jennifer Anniston and Charlie Sheen - just because I like them.

This is fun Deb. Keep 'em coming.

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What a cool question!!

Title: Life is Beautiful (well, ugly at times but beautiful none the less!)

Me: Meryl Streep (looks nothing like me but I think she's a wonderful actress)

Hubby: Nicholas Cage (there is a SLIGHT resemblance)

Son Tim: Jim Carrey (they're cut from the same cloth, although I really can't picture Jim Carrey on a submarine....but then again, I didn't think

Tim could do it, either....lol)

Son Pat: Orlando Bloom (he's sooooo cute....especially with elf ears)

Son Matthew: hmmmmmm....Elijah Wood?

Daughter Bridget: the girl who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies

Mom (and her identical twin Ann--I have 2 moms!): Shirley McLaine

Dad: Raymond Burr (isn't he dead, though? :oops: )

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The Movie Title--A Trumpet Players Life

Me--a cross between Mel Gibson and Maurice Andre

My wife--Jennifer Aniston (sorry honey)

My Daughter--my daughter (she is a one of a kind)

My Father--John Wayne (although I always have thought he looks like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne has always been my hero)

I can't think of anyone to play my sisters or my mom . I have never been really into movies like Karen has.

David C

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