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Yikes!! At DisneyWorld and the Hurricane is a comin'


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Hi All,

Got to Florida this past Tuesday to take my daughter to Disney and the Florida Keys. Well scratch the Keys, they evacuated everyone out of there yesterday (I'm not scheduled to be there until Sunday...so who knows..maybe) We are supposed to get hit hard where we are at tomorrow, sometime in the late afternoon. My daughter is really excited because the weather where we are from (California) is quite boring. Hmmm....do you think I can live off of Doritos and Oreos for the next day or so? I'll give you an "eyewitness" account when we get hit. See what happens when you don't request a hall pass :-)


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

Your poor daughter and you - a hurricane instead of a vacation although your daughter seems to be taking it well! :D I'm not sure if you can live off Doritos and Oreos but it sounds like a diet a kid would love. I'll be living off peanut butter and bread.

Good luck to both of you. Here's hoping it stays away.


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