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Yes, ANOTHER Blonde Joke


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Sorry, this one just fell in my lap at work and I had to pass it on... :roll:

A blonde is interviewing for the job of assistant sheriff. The sheriff asks her, what is 1 plus 1? The blonde answers 11. "Well, says the sheriff, that is sort of right. Let's try another one."

Next he asks her "Name 2 days that start with the letter T". Without skipping a beat, the blonde replies "Today and Tomorrow". THe sheriff again tells her that its sort of right and thinks of another question.

"Okay" he says, "Who killed Abraham Lincoln"? The blonde pursed her lips and cocked her head and wrinkled her forehead for several minutes. Finally the sheriff told her to go home, take a little time and come back to him with an answer.

As the blonde was leaving the sheriff's office, her friends at the hair salon saw her and asked if she got the job. With a big grin she replied, "Heck yes, and I even have my first murder case to solve!!!"

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